Monthly Archives: May 2010

Max B: “First of All thank you Mr. AceMars for giving me a chance to do this interview with you.”

Ace L: “Thank you brotha, I appreciate this oppurtunity.”

Max B: “When did you first get in your head that you like to blog?”

Ace L: “I have always loved to write, so I began blogging about skateboarding events, videos, etc some years ago. Thats when Originallity Kills was getting only 1 view a week and that cause me to get discouraged. When I turned 14 in 2009, I was determined to start OKills again and go through with it. I started it again, but I was slacking, I was hardly posting and when I did post my writeups had typos and they weren’t legit. It wasn’t until January of 2010 when I began to take it serious and relize that being a blogger was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It took a lot of writing and learning the priciples of writing in order for me to get the posts where they are today. Although, I have improved alot I still have alot more improving to do. Hahaha”

Max B: “Why do you blog?”

Ace L: “I blog to inform people that are interested in the same type of things that I am.”

Max B: “What brought apawn the name OriginallityKills?”

Ace L: “Originality Kills and Imitation is suicide. If you are yourself, you will become more happy with yourself. So just take pride in who you are because people will see that you respect yourself, they will respect and enjoy being around you.”

Max B: “Does that name mean anything specifically?”

Ace L: “It means that nothing is better than being original no matter how hard you try to be someone else or do something that someone else does the more unhappy you will become with yourself because you won’t know who the “True” you are.”

Max B: “I notice that you really love skating, When did you start skating?”

Ace L: “Haha, I began to skate when I was about 8 years old, when I use to watch my uncle skate. After seeing him do it so much I asked my grandmother to get me one for my birthday. I skated everyday until I was 10 and introduced to basketball and played until i was 13 when I realized that wasnt what i wanted to do in lifr. I took 1 year out of my life just exploring new things to see if there was something else i would like to do as a lifelong occupation but nothing floated my boat. So i hopped back on the board May 1st and I will not hop off!”

Max B: “What are your goals in the future for skating?”

Ace L: “My goal is to open a skate shop in my adult years and just spread the love about skating as much as I can.”

Max B: “Do you have a favorite skater or do you look up to a particular skater?”

Ace L: “I have alot my top list consists of Thomas Wardlow, Maliceous Skates, Theotis Beasley, Antwaun Dixon, Mike Mo, Terry Kennedy, Lizard King, And Tyler Bledsoe.”

Max B: ” Do you have any shoutouts?”

Ace L: “Everyone I speak with daily, everyone that views OKills, and that is doing their do.”

Max B: “Well thank you for this small interview and I wish you the best of luck in the future.”

Ace L: “Same to you my man. I appreciate you choosing me to do this with you. Be Safe. Peace.”

Bape has released this canvas backpack just in time for summer when most people have some extra carrying/packing to do. These backpacks are very simple, and they are both made up of a canvas material and a small bit of leather. Both of these backpacks are available at most Bape stores for the price of $180.

G-Shock has finally debuted their June releases, and it they aren’t so incredible. Many folks around the world were anticipating this release, but have said that they will not be purchasing anything from this small summer drop. It seems like the designers of these watches just put something together very fast and didn’t put much thought into it. These watches carry a pricetag of $110, and will be available at select G-Shock retailers.

We at Originallity Kills wish you and your loved ones a happy Memorial Day. While you are out enjoying this beautiful day, please keep in mind that millions of soldiers have fought in wars to keep America secured and the people in it safe. So even though you may not know someone that has fought in war or that is fighting in a war right now always remember that they have the most difficult, and deadliest job that you can possibly have. With that said we hope that you enjoy this day and be safe!

Captain is definitely OKills family and one of the best IE representatives. I first met him when I performed at The Common Ground in Riverside and he told me he liked my music. I have always been a fan of his beats and was excited when I heard that he was going to be in the Red Bull Big Tune competition. That night on twitter, all of the IE people kept me updated on how he was doing and I almost went nuts when I heard he was in the final round against Dibiase. The anticipation was similar to watching the Lakers in the finals for me. Originallity Kills now presents to you the footage from this event. Congratulations to everyone who participated as well because I didn’t hear one wack beat throughtout the whole competition.