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Here’s the first track off of me and DECA’s upcoming EP. It serves as a sort of “Thank You” message for the downloads on Sloppy Seconds. I’m excited to see how this project is going to turn out. The two tracks I’ve done with him (“Curtains Please” and “Tickets”) were both classic so we’re going to try and recreate that for a whole entire tape.

DOWNLOAD Nicky D’s – You’re Far Too Kind (Prod. By DECA-1)

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This episode of the throwback show “Family Matters” was epic. I love shows and movies from back before my time like ” The Cosby Show” and movies like ” Do The Right Thing”, and I wanted to post this hilarious scene from “Family Matters” to give you a taste of why i like old shows better than the shows that are ran on television now.
If you are an owl and stay up late you can tune into Nick At Night that starts at 12 in the morning and watch classic shows such as “Family Matters”, “Everybody Hates Chris”, “George Lopez”, and “The Cosby Show”. The episodes run until 6 30 a.m.

Heres some beind the scenes footy from Kid Cudi and David Guetta’s crazy track “Memories”, and also some photos from his shoot with Time Out New York. Cudi has announced that he will be dropping anew album titled “Cudder’ which will be dropping sometime in mid 2010. LOOK OUT HE’S BACK!

Whoa, heres the video from the incident that happend last nightat Big Sean’s performance in chicago. As you can see some guy grabbed the mic from Sean and started cursing and going buck wild then BAM! @HustleSimmons came and taught ole dude how to shut his mouth up!
Luckily, the folks who put the show together didn’t shut it down all because one guy was acting like a fool. I would have been pissed if I had spent money on a show and didnt get to see the whole thing. After sean announced that he till wanted to finish his show the crowd got supa dupa hype up and had a good night!

Air Jordan I Retro KO (Limited release)
White/Varsity Red

These are slated to release in April. I’m not a fan of the pre yellowed soles but Jordan heads all over are going crazy over these. OG pairs sell for large amounts of money on eBay and other places, but now everyone will have a chance to get these classic pair of sneakers. Get your tents and foldable chairs ready.

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