Monthly Archives: August 2011

Not only being a clothing line, but a seasonal story as well, the force behind The Brand With No Name (Jakboi) presents to us the release of his summer collection entitled “Post Suicide Thoughts”. Below is the story behind each season and what is being told through each seasonal release.

Post Suicide Thoughts is about a guy that, at first, is unsure about his life. He loses one of his close ones, he’s in trouble financially, and he starts to think about suicide.

Suicide Watch shows that the winter time is proven to be the one of the most depressing seasons. He starts to look more into suicide, and wants to pursue it, but there is something in the back of his head constantly telling him not to do it. But as you will see, he goes through with it, and we couldn’t help him.

Post Death Depression ends the story and shows what his loved ones had to go through to try to fight the pain, and his selfishness puts the closest ones to him in a depression.

From Summer transitioning into Winter

From Unsure thoughts transitioning into Sure thoughts.

To Fall where everything comes back to normal.

You can now purchase the “Post Suicide Thoughts” Summer ’11 Collection at the TBWNNN Online Store.

Here is a small behind the scenes piece of visual entertainment of NaS’ music video for one of his most recent records, which is entitled Nasty. Personally, NaS is one of my favorite artists, and I am nothing but excited to see him flossed out, riding through his hometown in a Rolls Royce as he spits some nasty lyrics. Aren’t you? Exactly, who wouldn’t be?! Having said that, kick back and enjoy this BTS footage. Also, stay tuned for the actual video which is said to be dropping within the next couple of weeks!

Alright, here’s the project that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks now. It’s titled Blanc Tigre, which means white tiger in french. One of my dreams is to have a pet white tiger, so I decided to name this album white tiger, because making beats will one day allow me to purchase a white tiger. This album is smooth, unlike the three previous beats that you may have heard from me, and although they are a bit different I’m sure that you’ll still enjoy it. I also included the three beats that I’ve dropped into this album so that those who didn’t hear them could hear those as well. I’m currently working on another beat-album, which is going to be releasing sometime before the month of September is over.. Having said that I want to thank each and every single person for supporting me on my journey with music, you are greatly appreciated (you know who you are). And, special thanks to my manager Mikey Trill for making this whole project roll through smoothly, and also thank you to Dave for the artwork. Peace and much Gold to you all………. My Twitter is @IBNGOLD if you’d like to chop it up about anything…. Stay up! Thank you..