Recently, BAPE has been using the material pertex heavily in their latest goods. And, I must say, I have no complaints. Pertex is of hierachy in the fashion world in the field of durability as well as in comfort. BAPE’s signature camo print, this poncho is nearly irresistable and is now available worldwide at select BAPE flagship stores.

For those of you that aren’t skateboarders and for those of you that are skaters but have been hiding under a rock the past couple of months, a lot has been going on in the skate-world recently, including Antwuan Dixon getting locked up, Sean Malto leaving Etnies and joining skateboarding’s powerhouse brand Nike SB and as shown above, DC is getting back on track. Two of the best pro’s of my generation, Mike Mo and Nyjah Huston have both been initiated into the DC family, joining Rob Drydek, Colin McKay, Chris Cole and many others. I never in a million years imagined Capaldi leaving Lakai, so this whole thing is still kind of un-real to me, but I’m just looking forward to seeing what DC brings to the table now that it is the home of two more of the world’s most amazing skaters.

Are you a renegade? Well, whether you are or not, after watching this short film, it’s nothing less than obvious that our extended family over at kcuF. The Population are not only renegades, but they have also sparked up an entire revolution evolving around their rebellious and gully ways. This short film consists of an FTP Renegade mobbing around the city, slapping FTP stickers in various spots, hiding himself from the feds with his face covered by a ski-mask, and ending in a parking garage where he bombards a teenager and smacks a sticker right on his face. If you are feeling the zip-up hoodie that’s being sported by the culprit in this video, feel free to head over to kcuF. The Population’s online shop and purchase one for an affordable price of $35.

20120210-181438.jpg Sadly, with the recent resurrection of threads from many seasons ago, it seems that the top dogs down at the BAPE headquarters are failing in being creative. Or maybe they just forgot that it’s no longer 2006 and no-ones longing for a full-zip hoodie. Whichever one it is, they ought to get it together fast before they find themselves in a hole. But, for those of you that actually want to purchase this hoodie, it will be available at BAPE retailers worldwide within the next few weeks.

Here’s a small release of crewneck sweaters from the up and rising lifestyle brand that goes by the name of .kcuF The Population often stylized as FTP. With this drop it is obvious that the creators of FTP, Zac and Yamen don’t necessarily agree with the way that things are done here in the States, and if you feel the same way, you should get your hands on one of these sweaters to rock while you cause trouble in your town! Unfortunately, the FTP online shop is under construction, but if you shoot Zac or Yamen a tweet at @ZacFTP or @YamenofFTP they will be sure to satisfy your shopping needs in a hurry! Having said that, tell your friends to tell a friend and don’t forget…. .kcuF THE POPULATION!

UK-based indcsn and US-based Dertbag Design have teamed up to create a limited edition 5-panel cap. The hat is constructed from organic cotton cloth tie-dyed by Dertbag with a screen-printed KILL design on the front panel. Dertbag’s connect logo is screen-printed on the left-hand side panel, while the adjustable fastener features indcsn’s woven logo tab. Thanks to the custom tie-dye fabric, each hat is unique. All hats are manufactured to the highest standards in the USA. The caps will be available online from indcsn and Dertbag, priced at £30/$45. On sale Friday October 14th from 4pm EST (9pm UK time).

When you start to spot numerous other streetwear brands attempting to do tie-dye, remember who one of the innovators of tie-dye into streetwear was.

Available at the Dertbag Online Store and indcsn Online Store at 4 PM EST // 1 PM PST.