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The good people over at FKB released Eastside Paradise today. After my first listen I couldnt stop playing “Snooki” “NWA” and “GUCCI”, the whole tape goes in though. You can definitely tell FKB puts time in to their work. This mixtape is one of the better tapes of 2011, with 90% of the beats credited too Frankenstein what can you expect. The vibe I got from this was nice synthed out, westcoast vibe. You can find them on twitter at @DavEOFFKB, @jesusmunchies, and @snubdogg. I suggest everyone download this tape now. ENJOY! DOWNLOAD: EASTSIDE PARADISE

The melodic producer Waffles recently dropped a new beat via tumblr. This beat is nice and smooth carrying the trademark spaced out Waffles sound, good vibes all around. This will be going on his second instrumental EP which is still untitled. You can download his first EP entitled “The Waffles EP” HERE. You can follow him on twitter @TeeWaffles and on tumblr @WafflesMusic, now to the track. Enjoy!

Mikey: What’s good Frankenstein, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and doing this interview with us. We really appreciate this.

Frankenstein: Thank you man I appreciate your interest in me as an artist, it’s always a pleasure and an honor.

Mikey: Having said that, how are you doing?

Frankenstein: I’m good man just shooting the shit getting another few releases together for October.

Mikey: That’s good to hear, we are glad that you are smooth sailing! Before we begin tossing questions at you, can you please give our viewers a small piece of background information about yourself as well as your craft?

Frankenstein: Well my real name is Shakir Givens, I’m now 18 from south central LA and I was introduced to music from my father who was in a group called Jurassic 5. Most people know me as snubnose Frankenstein 1/4 of lousy human bastards and the baby with the parental advisory tag over his mouth that has been all over tumblr as of lately, but for the main part I just be rhyming and shit.

Mikey: How long have you been rapping, and does being from South Central influence your music?

Frankenstein: I’ve been rhyming since I was like 6 but I sucked up until 9th grade, and absolutely man its where I grew up at and what I grew up on so the west coast is apart of me.

Mikey: I can definitely feel the west coast influence just from the beats you chose to rap over on “Rappin Ass N*gga”. Also you mentioned Lousy Human Bastards earlier, what is that and how did it come about?

Frankenstein: Lousy human bastards consists of me, Mitch gone mad, Stfu Seawright and the stage name-less Jabbar Walker and mainly our common interest in lyrical balance and awareness, Bathing Ape, punching women and an obsession with Rick Ross. They mean well lol.

Mikey: Hahah that’s cold Frank, I’m looking forward to hearing more from LHB. Can we expect anything from the group soon?

Frankenstein: We have #freeboosiethemixtape coming mid October and its theatrical, all original production from me mane.

Mikey: I’m glad to hear that, this will be a group tape? And, have you set any goals music wise to conquer throughout 2012? If so, what are they?

Frankenstein: Indeed, I want to get signed to MMG and i want a baby panther and a basketball, and I want Zoey Deschanel, that’s it.

Mikey: Haha don’t we all want Zoey Deschannel, anyways thank you for your time, and thoughts. I really appreciated doing this interview with you, we wish you the best, and we look forward to having you stop by for a part two. Here’s the part that everyone likes… Shoutouts!

Frankenstein: I appreciate it as well man shoutout to yall first and shoutout to future and shoutout to my nigga @TRAPMONEYPERM

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Here is the long awaited music video for Casey’s single off of his debut album, Sleeping in Class the deluxe version which is going to be releasing on iTunes and Amazon in 48 hours on September 20th, 2011. This is hands down one of the illest records and pieces of visual entertainment to drop this year. Having said that, enjoy this! And, don’t forget, always be over shit!