Monthly Archives: February 2012

Vice and Project X add the notorious Tyler, The Creator to their Party Legends series. In this installment, just as the other Party Legends pieces, Tyler tells an extremely entertaining story about the craziest party that he’s ever been to accompanied by some funny animation. This party sounds fun as hell, I actually wish that I was there. But since I wasn’t, I just have to imagine how insane it actually was, luckily with the help of this video that isn’t hard at all. This is totally like a movie, enjoy!

Last week a small clip of OFWGKTA’s show, Loiter Squad surfaced, but now we have a full on official trailer for their show which is going to be debuting on Adult Swim on March 25, 2012. I’ve watched this trailer a countless amount of times and it’s still super funny to me, I’m nothing but excited to see what the full show has to offer. Many people are saying that this show reminds them of the old Andy Milanokis Show and Jack Ass combined into one, with a little oddness added into it. And, I must say, that I both agree and disagree with this comparison. Anyways, sit back and enjoy! LOITER SQUAAAAAD!

Just as he promised, the OFWGKTA soldier Hodgy Beats has dropped his small EP. This project has production from Thelonious Martin, The Alchemist, Flying Lotus and even Juicy J amongst others. So, you should already be expecting some fire on the production side and as always Hodgy definitely didn’t fail to come through lyrically with his unique word play and substance. Be sure to keep on the look out for the next Odd Future mixtape, Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 which is set to be dropping on March 10, 2012, and will be posted here on Originallity Kills within minutes of being released. Having said that, this is hands down a must download EP and is second in line of best EPs to drop this year after Curren$y’s #Here EP. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: HODGY BEATS: UNTITLED EP

Hands down one of the OGs in the rap game, Curren$y has released a mad chill and Jetted Up piece of visual entertainment from his latest release, which was an EP entitled Here that was released some weeks ago, during halftime of the 2011 Super Bowl in which the NY Giants did work on the New England Patriots. But as always, this video consists of weed smoke, Adidas track suits, bucket hats, a lot of gold and sick whips. So kick back and enjoy this G wave and remember, to keep this sweatpants off of ya’ shoes.

I know I haven’t really been dropping a lot of material lately, I’ve been trying to improve my niches instead of just overloading you all with a grip of pointless music. I’m currently working on a project right now, with various music like trap, hip-hop, rap, ratchet, everything you could possibly think of, just because personally, I have the ability to make quality music in different genres instead of just one. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy this song, it’s a mixture of written bars with a little bit of freestyle. Tell ya homies and friends about this joint too. Kick back, and enjoy. Stay away from the bustaz and keep messin wit them hustlaz. Hit me on Twitter too @ibngold. Thank you!

The west-coast native and rapper/super producer that goes by the name of Ibn Gold is back on his rap tip after a short hiatus in which he has been improving on both his ability to cook up classics both behind the keys and behind the mic. This song isn’t heavy in metaphors and it also doesn’t consist of a crazy trap beat that’ll have you and all of your homies wildin’ out and getting wavy. This record does consist of lyrics in which many people, especially young hustlers and people on their grind in general that have dealt with haters, backstabbers, family problems, and that have aspirations of becoming wealthy and transforming their dreams into their reality. Although this isn’t the CDQ version, the song is still up to par and still worth a listen, so don’t let that stop you from downloading it. The CDQ version will be releasing within the next couple of weeks, and depending on a couple things, maybe a piece of visual entertainment as well. Hmmmm, who knows?

Feel free to hit up Ibn on Twitter at @ibngold to hit him with a follow and also to shoot him your thoughts about this song, whether good or bad, everything is appreciated. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: IBN GOLD: FOREVER UNMASTERED

You may have been wondering where the Left Coast representatives, both LoKlas Taji, Jvstin Ewell and Reggie Rocket have been more on the idle side of things these past couple of months, but after you hear this record it’s only obvious that they have all been in the lab polishing his craft. This joint is produced by Branden Beatboy, who’s heavily known and respected in the hip-hop community due to his talent on the keys, so you should be expecting something one-of-a-kind on his behalf, and LoKlas, Jvstin and Reggie Rocket definitely didn’t cease to entertain me with their ability to switch through various rhyme schemes and story telling, their chemistry with one another also played a huge role in the smoothness of this song. This song is off their upcoming album, Breakfast at Tiffany’s which is set to be releasing within the first couple of weeks of April. DOWNLOAD: LOKLAS TAJI, JVSTIN EWELL & REGGIE ROCKET: DISTANT