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Dope Song And Some Dope Lines. This Is Also A Nice Video. It’s Not Anything Super Groundbreaking, But I Like The Style Of The Shots And Sean’s Snapback Is iLL. Overall, The Total Package Is Dope Though. Embedding Is Disabled So You’ll Have To Click It To Watch It On Youtube But At Least You Found It Here First. I’m Glad To See The Younger Artists Getting Good Music Done And Videos To Accompany Their Songs. It Serves As Inspiration For Me And Anyone Else Around My Age.

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Stefan Janoski Is One Of My Favorite Skaters And His Pro Model Shoe Is Also One Of My Favorite Pair Of Kicks. If You Happen To Look At Thrasher Magazine,Transworld Mag, Or Even The Skateboarding Mag You Will Notice That Stefan Janoski’s Nike Sb Are Very Loved And Are Highly Appreciated In The Skateboarding World And Even If You Are 40 Years Old And You Just Are Hopping Into Your Bently GT Coupe To Goto Vons To Pick Up Some Groceries. The Janoski’s Are By Far One Of My Favorite Shoes In My Lifetime.

First Off, I’d Like To Say That 2009 Has Been An Amazing And Prosperous Year For Me. I’ve Learned So Much That Will Help Me In Life And Have Had A Lot A Fun. I Found Myself As A Person Even More Than Ever And Have Progressed As An Artist. I Purchased My Mac Computer And Pro Tools This Year And Have Been Going Farther With My Music Than I Ever Have Before. In Retrospect, 2009 Has Been Filled With Many Celebrity Deaths(R.I.P. To All Of Them) And Has Been A Good Year For Hip-Hop. My Favorite Album From This Year Is Probably Raekwon’s Joint Because It Had Dope Production From The Best Producers In The Game And Reminded Me Of The Old Wu. With That Said, Me, Ace, And Dave Are Going To Accomplish SO MUCH In 2010(Us Young Mothafuckas Is Killin Yall In The Game, We On Your Head Boy). Look Out For My Tape “The Uncommon Compilation” Which Should Be Dropping Within A Few Days. Me And Ace Also Got A Blog Music Exclusive Coming For You Real Soon As Well.

Here’s A Download Link For My Song Called Can’t Say That (Domestic Violence). I Feel As If Hip Hop Lacks Humor These Days, We All Need A Fuckin Laugh In This Recession. If You’ve Ever Been In A Relationship, You Can Relate To This. Produced by KReam Team.


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P.S. Hit Up KReam Team For Some Dope Ass Beats. Low Prices And Good Melodies. They’re Like The Next Neptunes And I Put That On My Life. They’re Third On My MySpace Top.

As You All Know (Or Should Know), Ace Is A Big Fan Of Ambush AND BAPE, So He’s Already Spoken To Me About Copping A Piece From This Collection. The Collaboration Is Called A BATHING APE IS AMBUSHED. It Will Release Worldwide On Jan. 2 At The BAPE Stores.

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