For Submissions : Include LINKS of video/picture, song, and description.

We will listen to/view everything so don’t hesitate to contact us. If it’s up to our standards, we will email you back and post it.

  1. Tony Su said:

    Take a look

    • Whats up family, I scoped your tumblr and its pretty ill. I’m digging the OG vibe, that you have going on, and the fish eye as well haha. Keep it up man, and thanks for the support!

  2. #IVYLEAGUE MIXTAPE – TASTE OF SUMMER!!!!! http://usershare.net/jubn0t3jrqlh

  3. Hello, i am a young rapper trying to do anythining i can to make it. I have a mixtape coming out soon. I was wondering if it can be featured on your blog. It would be deeply appriciate becuase i think if i ever got my music on your website that can finally be what i need to make it. I want to succed and would be more than happy for you to just give me a little help. Thank you for your time and i hope to hear back from you. My facebook is “Chubz Mason” just in case you need to contact me on there.

  4. NAWTI said:

    hope this could make the site

  5. I just dropped my mixtape, you can listen to some tracks on the site as well as download it off the site. It is titled WHERE IM COMIN FROM, and I recorded it my first semester of school, end of last year. Im a 19 year old emcee from Cali but currently living in Chicago. Check out the music, its real good hip hop and im confident it has its place in the scheme of things…

    • my site is http://natehall.net btw

  6. NICE BLOG! Keep up the good work!

    MY BLOG : http://www.akaHipHop.com

  7. Austin said:

    How can i buy a TGOD orange lifestyle beanie?

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