Monthly Archives: November 2010

Not being a stranger to collaborations and being two popular brands, it should not be a surprise that these two have came together to create a BAPE Casio G-Shock in the sleek GLS-5500 model.

This time on a slim, dark grey model. More restrained than we’ve seen previously, the simple watch elegantly takes us back to a time when the Casio watch was more basic. Retaining the Ape-head backlight, the watch will drop in super limited numbers on December 4.

This song is a banger off of arguably the best mixtape this year. Kendrick is my favorite LA artist, and for a good reason too. While most rappers from Los Angeles are one in the same (either rapping about gang banging, marijuana, or fairfax), the artist formerly known as K Dot keeps it real on every song with unique fast tempo flows and powerful delivery. This song isn’t one of his best lyrically, but it does showcase his versatility.

Wow, as many of you may know, Kid Cudi is my favorite musician, and I must say, even if I weren’t a fan of his, I would still be a huge fan of this piece of visual entertainment. The thing I love about every video from Cudder is that he allows you to see things that other artists wouldn’t dare to, such as spitting out hot cocoa due to it’s scorching hot temperature, and a huge amount of hilarious clips while he hangs out backstage, with his homies, and even while he is performing! This by far is one of the illest videos of the year, enjoy!

P.S, if you haven’t already you must go out and purchase Man On The Moon II: Legend of Mr. Rager at your local record store!

Brought to you in part by Don Cannon, Cherry Collab, and Arrogant Veggies Ree$e’s long awaited project has finally been delivered. A couple weeks ago we got a teaser from this tape, which was entitled Blvd Cruisin’ featuring Slick Pulla, and that record did its’ part and accumulated a huge amount of buzz towards the release of this project. Despite the numerous amount of speculations on its due date, I must say that it is truly worth the wait that has been bestowed upon us all. Enjoy!