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Sorry About The Late Notice Post Guys As You All Know I Was Sick And I Was In The Hospital. But Im ALL GOOD NOW!

Tonight At Cafe Moa Moa LAvish and Vince Staples Will Be Performing. Unfortunately You Must Be 18 Years Or Older To Get In On This Amazing Event. Which I Do Not Qualify, But If Your Old Enough I Advise You To Go Because This Show Is Highly Anticipated And Will Be BETTER Than All Of Kanyes Glow In The Dark Shows.

Surprise! Surprise! Golden Era Hip Hop Lovers, De La Souls Blendtape Is Here! Nothing But Smooth Joints On Here. Listening To Gangstarr&De La Soul Actually Got Me Into Music (Shout Outs To My Father). But If You Think There Isn’t Any Good Music Floating Around YOU MUST Download Every Track And Mixtape Posted On Originallity Kills Including This And Your Opinion Will Be Reversed.

De La Soul – Le Da Soul: 20 Years of De La Soul

Thanks For Coming Through O.K. Ville For The Question And Answer Session Brotha. Whaddup? How Is Everything Going Homie?

Whats Good Man. Everything Is Everything Yo.

How Old Were You When You Began Rapping And What Made You Start?

I Began To Rap At The Age Of Six. What Made Me Start Was The Beginning Of My Life Struggles. Music Was An Outlet To Me.

Who Influenced You To Make Music? Is There A Specific Artist Or Song That Made You Like Hip Hop?

I Wouldn’t Say “Someone” Influenced Me. I’d Say Trials And Tribulations Gave Me Strength To Put Down What I Was Too Scared To Say In Person On Paper And Rap It.

In LA, Let Alone California, There Are Lots Of Rappers. What Would You Say Makes You
Stick Out From Them?

Hodgy Beats Is NO GIMMICK. No Copycat. No JERK. All ORIGINAL. I Make The Music I Like Or Want To Hear And
It Seems People Like The Same Thing I Like.

What Genre Do You Classify Your Music In And Why?

Original Hip Hop. I Make My Own Hip Hop. I’m On My Own Level. Tyler And Left Brain Do A Good Deal Of Beat Slanging When I’m In The Studio So I’d Also Classify My Music As Odd.

Are There Any Projects Your Supporters Should Be Looking Forward To Anytime Soon?

Odd Future Vol. 2, Selfish Dinner (My Personal Compilation), MellowHype (HBxLB), And My 3rd Mixtape Corner Collective.

Is There Anyone You Wanna Shout Out Or Show Love Too?

Shoutout To All The People Supporting Me And My Camp. Come Join Odd Future And Be A Campee.
Shoutout To All The Independant Artists Who Actually Push For Their Music.
Odd Future Wolf Gang Waddup.
Im Hodgy Beats. Google me.
Thanks Ace.

Ace: No Problem Hodgy Keep Doing Your Thing. Keep Being ODD & ORIGINAL.
Once Again Thanks For Coming Through For The Session Fam.

Hodgy Beats

Rich Hil Is Another Amazing Artist That Should Have Their Own Music Genre. He Isn’t From LA But His Tracks Get Alot Of Play Down Here. Rich’s Music Is Dope And Its A Tad Bit Doper If Your Stoned. Download This Mixtape And I Promise You Wont Be Disappointed.

Rich Hil & Don Cannon – Limos Were Cooler In The 90’s

Rich Hil

It’s Sad To Say But Marz Is The Only Female Artist On My Ipod. And Why Is That? It’s Cause Her Music Is Dope! This Song Has Some Of The Best Word Play & Lyricism I’ve Heard On Any Track, And The Beat Is Just So Smooth And Soothing. You Don’t Think One Song Can Be As Dope As Im Describing It? You Think Im Telling A Story? Download It And See For Your Self.

Marz LoveJoy – Dear John Doe

Marz LoveJoy.