Monthly Archives: September 2010

Reese is back and this time he has teamed up with Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids to create a super ill track. The bars that Reese is spitting in this song are putting many other rappers that are out right now in a cage. The beat on this record is also something out of this world, it consists of 808 kicks, various instruments, along with many different types of hi-hats and kicks. With the weekend coming up, you might see Reese pulling up to the club in a Benz flossin’ on everybody! Are you a fan of Reese? why or why not? Let us know how you feel about this track by leaving a few words in the comment section because your opinion counts!

One of our favorite Texas natives Van Solo is back with a music video for a new track which is entitled Keep The World. This song is a remix to Lil Wayne and Eminem’s heavily loved song Drop The World. Although, I was a huge fan of Drop The World when it dropped, I am even more a fan of this song because it actually tells a story that many teenagers around the world including myself can relate to. In this record Van Solo vents about some relationship problems, his loneliness, and how he gets through his struggles in life. The visuals of this song consist of Vanny in a parking garage spitting lyrics, hitting doors to relieve his anger, climbing fences and exploring an art museum. This is one of the most simplistic but entertaining videos that I have seen in a long time, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Are you a fan of Van Solo? Why or why not? Leave a few words in the comment section and let us know how you feel about the content because your opinion does count!

Dr. Dre has joined forces with basketball superstar LeBron James and comedian Affion Cricket to create an enjoyable commercial to promote the new Power Beats headphones from Monster. These headphones feature an arm, which allows them to stay latched onto your ears while you are exercising, shooting hoops, or even doing some chores around your home. These headphones hold a price-tag of $180, and can be purchased at your local Beats By Dre retailer. Will you be purchasing these headphones? Why or why not? Let us know how you feel about this content by leaving a couple of words in the comment section because your opinion does count!

There will be no drop for G.O.O.D Friday this week due to an anonymous hacker that leaked a couple of songs from KanYe’s upcoming album. KanYe was very disappointed that someone would still manage to leak unfinished material from his upcoming album, that he has been working on consistently for the past year and a half. He was also upset how someone could be so ungrateful and still want more music while he and his G.O.O.D Music camp have been putting out album quality music for free download once a week for the past eight weeks. Hopefully, G.O.O.D Friday makes a reappearance next week because if there isn’t KanYe fans may have #IHateKanYe as a worldwide Twitter Trending Topic. How do you feel about KanYe putting G.O.O.D Friday hold? Do you think he should still drop G.O.O.D Friday tomorrow? Why or why not? Let your voice be heard by leaving a few words in the comment section because your opinion does count!