I’m the founder of Originallity Kills which was established in 2008 to keep people interested in music, skateboarding, clothing, and various other things around the world updated with the newest fads. My duty is to keep everyone updated with the best updates and reviews on one’s favorite brands and musicians and also to spread word about new brands and musicians, that they may enjoy.

  1. mrmcgoo said:

    Hi Ace,

    You have a good philosophy of life for someone as young as you are

    Good Luck and remember always have fun

    Mr MrMcgoo

    • Thank you, that means alot!

  2. Chris said:

    Ya man, keep this shit rockin’

    • we will my brotha, as long as you keep supporting we will continue to hold it down.

  3. RenReN said:

    wud up Bro – keep doing your thing – get at me on twitter

    • Whaddup, thank you we will continue to hold it down my brotha.

  4. Isabella said:

    AWW! ur wearing the “Pow”chain! lol<3

    • Lol! You know it!

  5. quin said:

    you got a real good thing going on here. never heard of a more productive grind for a person of your age. you raising the bar. keep it up ! :]

    • Thank you, I really appreciate that a whole lot. We will keep holdin it down!

  6. GriMeYassJ3LANI said:

    dam ma boi u doin it big homie i apriciate the package much love keep grindin!!!

    • its all love homie, keep rollin, keep skating. Rep That OKills Skate Team With Force & Passion!

  7. GriMeYassJ3LANI said:

    ayy homie hit me up i was wondering if u got my letter i got my phone if u ant got my number just hit me up on the space or somethin bro much love push that wood.

    • Gotcha brothaman!

  8. WULU said:

    man good shit here. i likes. keep grindin my dude.

    • thanks G, I appreciate that alot. We will continue to hold it down. Thanks for supporting!

  9. GriMeYassJ3LANI said:

    Ayy homie footy wit them long beach bros holdin it dwn for grimey s.t. heres the links checc em out… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeSaM7Zr91E

    • You know i gotcha on a post my brotha!

  10. beejayy said:

    bake boy ace we heading to the top.

    • Thats what I like to hear family.

  11. jelani crowe said:

  12. CAviv said:

    I just peeped out the blog through an Odd Future drop you put up and i’m totally feeling this. I’ll definitely be checking back. Not to be that dude but i got a track with some friends that i’m on and I think you’d dig it. Let me know whats up. Mad props.

    • Nice track brothaman, and thanks for the love dog, we appreciate it alot! If you drop a CDQ. Send it with a photo of you and you squad to OKillsMob@Gmail.Com and We will post it for you. Thanks for the love, stay up!

  13. Caviv said:

    new track up. stay up and thanks for the props


  14. Hi, nice to meet you !

  15. Aye look at B doing it big

  16. stanky daddy said:

    wsup mah name iz stanky dady and i wnna sy u cute and yo site iz dat shit

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