Here’s the first official release from Ro Ransom’s highly anticipated mixtape, RANSOMNIA which is set to be releasing before the year of 2012 comes to an end. With a beat cooked up by the Chi-Town native BrandUn DeShay, with visuals directed by Mike Carson and Mike Waxx both this song and the video are killer. I never really bought into Ro’s music before hearing/watching this, but now I must say, he is hands down one of the illest up and comers in the game as of now. Be on the look out for RANSOMNIA because it’s bound to kill the streets. And oh, “You won’t ever catch me ridin’ in a limousine!”

Here’s another piece of visual entertainment directed by Wolf Haley, filmed by Luis Perez for Hodgy Beats and Tyler, The Creator’s record, NY that was produced by Tara Razavi. This song is off of the upcoming Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 which is set to be releasing on March 20, 2012. Just as RELLA this odd video and record definitely increased my level of anticipation for the OF Tape Vol. 2.. Are you feeling this song and video? Are you excited for the release of the new OFWGKTA collective release? Let us know how you feel by dropping a few words off in the comment section. Enjoy!

One of the many Raider Klan soldiers hailing from the west-coast that goes by the name of Eddy Baker drops a video to accompany his wavy record, Fucked Up 1999. This video consists of lots of smoking on that medicinal, a couple of girlies, some homies, and just chilling and having some fun how the Raiders do it. Be sure to hit up E. Baker on Twitter @EddyBaker and let him know how you feel about this track and the video. Enjoy!

After dropping one of the best mixtapes of 2011, and showing us a preview of this tape with the record Boobie Miles back in February, K.R.I.T has delivered his heavily anticipated tape just as he said he would. This project is just a tad more epic than his previous release, ReturnOf4eva because it contains no features at all and all production and mixing credits are awarded to K.R.I.T himself. There aren’t many artists on the scene as of now that can consistently craft timeless projects as K.R.I.T can. Having said that, hurry up and download this mixtape and learn somethings that will most likely change your outlook on life and your current situations. DOWNLOAD: BIG K.R.I.T.: 4EVA n A DAY MIXTAPE

One of the funniest and most turnt up camps in the biz, Taylor Gang is back at it once again, but this time they are causing a ruckus in New York in which they raid Sirius Radio, hit up the studio to work on Khalifa Man’s forthcoming mixtape, hit the club and get trippy, have hotel wrestling sessions, and all of these things are sparked up by lots of Bombay Sapphire and medicines of various kinds. Sit back and enjoy the inside look at the Taylor Gang Lifestyle.

After showing us a few shots from the set of the filming of this video, it is finally here a few months later. Since this was one of my favorite records off of Wale’s second to last release, The Eleven One Eleven Theory this video isn’t really extremely entertaining. But, to each’s it’s own so check it out and leave a few words in the comment section and speak your mind on how you feel about this video. Enjoy!

And, P.S. this video is NSFW so, don’t watch this at work or your ass will be out of work.

Recently, BAPE has been using the material pertex heavily in their latest goods. And, I must say, I have no complaints. Pertex is of hierachy in the fashion world in the field of durability as well as in comfort. BAPE’s signature camo print, this poncho is nearly irresistable and is now available worldwide at select BAPE flagship stores.