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You may know of Say It Ain’t Tone from his highly loved contribution on Big Sean’s track My Closet which was on his heavily loved mixtape Finally Famous Vol. 3:B.I.G, but now Tone is showing the world that he is able to pull his own weight as a rap artist. This mixtape has been heavily anticipated all the way from Detroit down to Los Angeles, and it is safe to say that it was worth the wait. This project is one of the best projects to drop so far this year, if you don’t believe so, download it and see for yourself!

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“With the help of London’s newest menswear bastion Hostem, proprietor James Brown and prestigious eyewear brand Oliver Peoples, The Doctor Romanelli brand unveils its newest creation: Dr. Goodfellow.

Darren Romanelli (DRx) is a pioneer of aesthetic innovation, renowned for reviving cultural classics by twisting the familiar into the fresh. He applies a unique signature blending of past and present to each new creation with passion, dedication, commitment and, most importantly, personal connection. His latest project fuses elements of the Victorian era with the fantastic mythological characters from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“Dr. Goodfellow is inspired by Robin Goodfellow: the mythic sprite known to many story tellers as ‘Puck’. He hides in the shadows, helping and healing, everything from broken bones to bruised souls. He is a playful and unpredictable character, who is as mischievous as he is medicinal,” explains Romanelli. Like all of his projects, Dr. Goodfellow embodies the infectious enthusiasm that conceived it.

With an edition size of just 10 pieces, the statuettes are truly rare collectibles. Exquisite features lend the figurines a sense of detail rarely found in bronze art of this scale, including scissors, stethoscope and a custom jewelry-quality monocle with chain produced by Oliver Peoples.”

As we anticipate the sequel of Curren$y’s sophomore album Pilot Talk, we were given a look at the cover being used for Pilot Talk 2. Not staying too far away from the first cover and having a similar illustration style as the first one. Hopefully this album cover reflects the content on the album and we get more bangers on this one unlike his first attempt.

While retroing SB Dunks is a controversial topic amongst sneakerheads, the same goes for applying similar colorways to different models as it is seen as a sign of Nike’s running out of ideas. Regardless, there is no denying that these Nike SB Bruins, slated for a November 2010 release, are ill. These Bruins arise from their 2005 Nike SB Dunk predecessor. Having an all suede upper, distinct gray swoosh, and a gum sole, it’s apparent that this colorway isn’t exactly brand new. If you’d like a pair, you can cop them over at Premier. As this trend may continue, we’d like to know your thoughts on the re-use of past colorways and what you think about these Bruins.

Wowerz, this is the best G.O.O.D Friday of all time. KanYe and many of his affiliates go in over a classic beat produced by one of the best producers ever, Pete Rock. Fortunately, this is actually a great record due to the fact that everyone spits some life changing lyrics, and no one speaks about being rich, having luxury cars, or having sex everyday, which is what OG Hip-Hip was about back in the days. It’s safe to say that KanYe will never cease to surprise his supporters with inspiring material. Having said that, Thanks KanYe!

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Here is a new record from the one and only Connecticut native Rich Hil. This record consists of a very mellow beat, that features a mixture of 808 kicks and various piano chords, this record also features some lyrics from Rich in which he speaks about a numerous amount of things that Mrs. Lady has done. We are not 100% sure if this record will be on Rich’s forthcoming mixtape which is entitled I Just Got Out Of Rehab. Are you a fan of Rich Hil? Why or why not? Let us know how you feel about Rich and his content by leaving a few words in the comment section because, your opinion does count!