Here’s a little something for you all that have been like, “Man, when are we going to hear some raps from you?!” and “Ibn, we heard your beats they go hard but when are we gonna hear some rap songs?”. Your callings have been answered. Shout out to my brother E who’s working on the mastered version right now and shout out to Dave Rigby for this killer artwork. Having said that, I hope y’all enjoy this. Be sure to follow me on Twitter too, @ibngold. DOWNLOAD: IBN GOLD: OTIS UNMASTERED

An up and coming artist from Los Angeles, California that goes by the name of Mani Coolin’ has joined forces with SkeyexBCinema to put together some visual entertainment for a record called Peace of Mind, which is off of his forthcoming free album, For The Moments that is set to be releasing March 12, 2012. This record definitely gives you a direct insight on his piece of mind, in which all he wants is peace and happiness for his family, his homies, and last but surely not least, himself. Nothings better than a quality song with a piece of quality visuals to accompany it. So, sit back, shaded up and do whatchu know.

SOLEBOX x REEBOK 2012 Omni Zone Pump from Sneaker Freaker Germany on Vimeo.

Hailing from Germany, Sneaker Freaker snatched up the Solebox founder, Hikmet Sugoer for a sit-down in which he discussed his recently previewed Solebox x Reebok 2012 Omni Zone Pump. In this piece, Hikmet touches base on the history of Solebox, how the second Omni Zone Pump came about, and how his interest in sci-fi came into play with the creation of this extraordinary sneaker.

Two of the illest rappers in the game as of now, that didn’t make the 2012 XXL Freshman Class, release a song with a trippy beat accompanied with lots of metaphors and insane wordplay. This song proves how ridiculous this years Freshman list is, especially considering that neither Chip or Casey were enrolled. Having said that, remember that Casey is headlining his own show in Hollywood on March 10th, 2012 so if you haven’t already, go ahead and purchase tickets for that right here! DOWNLOAD: CHIP THA RIPPER FT. CASEY VEGGIES: THE JAM

The Maybach Music Group boss, Rick Ross takes his shot at 2 Chainz’s hit record, Spend It. Although, many people both popular and local have taken their turn at ripping this beat, it seems like besides T.I, Rozay definitely did it justice. The only complaint I have about this video and song is that I wish it were a little bit longer. But, I guess we’ll all just have to work with what we were given. Atleast, the Party Heart sneak peek that’s at the end of the video looks very interesting. I’m dead ass anticipating that video, especially since it is one of my favorite joints off of Ross’ latest drop, Rich Forever.

Vice and Project X add the notorious Tyler, The Creator to their Party Legends series. In this installment, just as the other Party Legends pieces, Tyler tells an extremely entertaining story about the craziest party that he’s ever been to accompanied by some funny animation. This party sounds fun as hell, I actually wish that I was there. But since I wasn’t, I just have to imagine how insane it actually was, luckily with the help of this video that isn’t hard at all. This is totally like a movie, enjoy!

Last week a small clip of OFWGKTA’s show, Loiter Squad surfaced, but now we have a full on official trailer for their show which is going to be debuting on Adult Swim on March 25, 2012. I’ve watched this trailer a countless amount of times and it’s still super funny to me, I’m nothing but excited to see what the full show has to offer. Many people are saying that this show reminds them of the old Andy Milanokis Show and Jack Ass combined into one, with a little oddness added into it. And, I must say, that I both agree and disagree with this comparison. Anyways, sit back and enjoy! LOITER SQUAAAAAD!