LoKlas Taji, Jvstin Ewell & Reggie Rocket: Distant

You may have been wondering where the Left Coast representatives, both LoKlas Taji, Jvstin Ewell and Reggie Rocket have been more on the idle side of things these past couple of months, but after you hear this record it’s only obvious that they have all been in the lab polishing his craft. This joint is produced by Branden Beatboy, who’s heavily known and respected in the hip-hop community due to his talent on the keys, so you should be expecting something one-of-a-kind on his behalf, and LoKlas, Jvstin and Reggie Rocket definitely didn’t cease to entertain me with their ability to switch through various rhyme schemes and story telling, their chemistry with one another also played a huge role in the smoothness of this song. This song is off their upcoming album, Breakfast at Tiffany’s which is set to be releasing within the first couple of weeks of April. DOWNLOAD: LOKLAS TAJI, JVSTIN EWELL & REGGIE ROCKET: DISTANT

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