Ibn Gold: Forever UNMASTERED

I know I haven’t really been dropping a lot of material lately, I’ve been trying to improve my niches instead of just overloading you all with a grip of pointless music. I’m currently working on a project right now, with various music like trap, hip-hop, rap, ratchet, everything you could possibly think of, just because personally, I have the ability to make quality music in different genres instead of just one. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy this song, it’s a mixture of written bars with a little bit of freestyle. Tell ya homies and friends about this joint too. Kick back, and enjoy. Stay away from the bustaz and keep messin wit them hustlaz. Hit me on Twitter too @ibngold. Thank you!

The west-coast native and rapper/super producer that goes by the name of Ibn Gold is back on his rap tip after a short hiatus in which he has been improving on both his ability to cook up classics both behind the keys and behind the mic. This song isn’t heavy in metaphors and it also doesn’t consist of a crazy trap beat that’ll have you and all of your homies wildin’ out and getting wavy. This record does consist of lyrics in which many people, especially young hustlers and people on their grind in general that have dealt with haters, backstabbers, family problems, and that have aspirations of becoming wealthy and transforming their dreams into their reality. Although this isn’t the CDQ version, the song is still up to par and still worth a listen, so don’t let that stop you from downloading it. The CDQ version will be releasing within the next couple of weeks, and depending on a couple things, maybe a piece of visual entertainment as well. Hmmmm, who knows?

Feel free to hit up Ibn on Twitter at @ibngold to hit him with a follow and also to shoot him your thoughts about this song, whether good or bad, everything is appreciated. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD: IBN GOLD: FOREVER UNMASTERED

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