Sage L. & LoKlas Taji: LeftBassCypher

Two soldiers of the uprising Left Coast camp, Sage L. and LoKlas Taji have joined forces once again to bring you guys a small track from their forthcoming UnMixed Tape Season 2 mixtape which is due sometime within the next couple of months. This record consists of a beat that will definetly remind you of some OG Dr. Dre wave accomadated with witty and potent weed oriented lyrics, that are perfect for cruising through the city with your homies or when you’re at your local kick-back or party getting it crackin’! And oh yeah, please don’t get it misunderstood, you can be straight-edge and still enjoy this music. Make sure that you’re on the look for more goods from Sage L. and LoKlas Taji because they aren’t going anywhere….. except for the clouds! DOWNLOAD SAGE L. & LOKLAS TAJI: LEFTBASSCYPHER

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