Originallity Kills: Covers Elijah H. Akpan

Mike: How’s it going Elijah, let the our readers know who you are and what you do.

Elijah: Hello everyone, I’m Elijah H. Akpan. I’m a street wear designer/painter who also likes to travel and take pictures with models in my spare time.

Mike: How long have you been designing/painting? Also what got you into those things?

Elijah: Well, I’ve been painting sense I was a child. I always had a thing for throwing paint on walls or drawing random things on my desktop when I was younger. I got into designing when I was in the 6th grade. Sense then, I always had an itch for drawing other people’s outfits out and telling people what would look best for their bodies. I didn’t really take designing to serious until like a year ago when grandpa said that I was meant for something in life and that I should take advantage of all my talents. Sense then, Le’ShorRe came into the works….

Mike: Is there anywhere we can see some of your artwork? Do you have plans to purse anything in art?

Elijah: Well, not at the moment. I don’t have any sites up where you can see my work but they are in the works. I do plan on having a art show in the town I live in (Evansville, IN) before I leave out for NYC. I’m stoked for that. And, yes I do. I plan on going to Parsons next year. So excited!

Mike: Sounds good. You mentioned you like to travel, what are some places you’ve been and what are some places you plan on going.

Elijah: Well, I’ve been to Hawaii, ATL, Chicago, St. Louis, NYC, and Texas. I love Texas with a passion. The atmosphere is amazing. I wish I could go back soon. I plan on moving out to London or Italy to take my art career to another level. I’m beyond stoked to go there.

Mike: So out of all the places you’ve been, Texas is your favorite? Is there anyone that you look up to or that inspires you?

Elijah: Well, I love that southern feel. It’s amazing. Hawaii is pretty chill to. The only people that truly inspire me are my little cousins and my grandpa. They’re genius. They helped me get threw the worst of times, when I lost my mom, when I was homeless, they was there. They were there when nobody was. That’s love. Love inspires me.

Mike: Wow that’s real love right there. You said your from Evansville does that have any effect on your work?

Elijah: Well, I’m actually from Chicago, IL but raised in Evansville. Yes, yes it does. This town isn’t really open to new things. It’s a good town but the people in it are horrible. It needs a change ASAP.
Mike: Haha that sounds a lot like the town I live in. Out of all these new/upcoming artists, which is your favorite?

Elijah: Um, SpaceGhostPurrp & Khat are pretty dope artist. I’m really hooked on that new Black Keys album “El Camino”. Good music…

Mike: Has their been a project this year that you really liked?

Elijah: “LiveLoveA$AP” is amazing. Very well put together. It should have come out as a official album release.

Mike: “LiveLoveA$AP” was definitely one of the better releases this year; it was on repeat for a whole month after haha. Have you set any goals for yourself in 2012? Did you set any goals for yourself this year? Did you accomplish them?

Elijah: One of my main goals for the near future is to live. Experience, learn, and to grow. I do have major plans for Le’ShorRe here in the near future but until then, I’m just going to keep learning and growing. I did accomplish a couple of goals. One of the biggest things I’m proud of is buying my little cousin her first Barbie doll for her 6th birthday. She loves that doll…haha.

Mike: Sounds good, and yeah haha girls love those toys. Can you let the readers know what exactly Le’ShorRe is and how you got the name?

Elijah: Le’ShorRe is an American brand that is inspired by simplicity, decadence, and elegant taste. I believe the human body is a beautiful temple that needs to be covered by beautiful articles of clothing. Everyone should look his or her best rich or poor, white or black. We should look like excellence & beyond… Le’ShorRe is pronounced Le-Shore-Re. Was inspired by the lake in Chicago, Lake Shore Drive. I love that area. So peaceful…

Mike: Interesting, I agree with what you said 100! I’m excited to see what you have in store with Le’ShorRe. Anyways thank you for your time and thoughts. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. We wish you the best and look forward to the next interview! Now before we finish this interview is there anyone you’d like to give shout outs to?

Elijah: No problem. You already know that you guys are family now. You guys have showed me a lot of love. Thank you so much. I wanna shout out my uncles and my grandpa. They have given me so much knowledge and opened my mind to new things. I wish the best of faith in all these other brands out here. Keep grinding and stay humble. Much love. One.

You can follow Elijah on twitter here.

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