$lim Carrera: I Love Video Game$ EP

First off I wanna say thank you to Soulja Boy for being my favorite rapper and for inspiring me to have fun and be myself on this EP. Thank you to everyone that’s played a role in the creation of this project and to everyone thats about to download it and everything. I really appreciate it. I made this five record EP in about 2 hours, all freestyles, all from me, starting at 4:30AM on December 4th and finished at 6:47 AM on December 4th. Having said that, shoutout to all the gamers out there especially my P$3 Boyz. I have one thing I ask of you all….. To please tweet this to “@Souljaboy #SIGNSLIMCARRERATOSODMG @ibngold” I hope you all enjoy it… Put them controlaz up dawg!!!!!!
– $lim Carrera

$lim Carrera dropped a new wave for the streets today that he recorded all in two hours. This tape is extremely fun and easy going, listen to it while you go skate or have fun! Give this a listen and let us know what you think in the comments, your opinion does matter. Follow him on twitter here. Now onto the music, Enjoy! $LIM CARRERA:I LOVE VIDEO GAME$ EP

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