indcsn x Dertbag: “KILL” 5 Panel Cap

UK-based indcsn and US-based Dertbag Design have teamed up to create a limited edition 5-panel cap. The hat is constructed from organic cotton cloth tie-dyed by Dertbag with a screen-printed KILL design on the front panel. Dertbag’s connect logo is screen-printed on the left-hand side panel, while the adjustable fastener features indcsn’s woven logo tab. Thanks to the custom tie-dye fabric, each hat is unique. All hats are manufactured to the highest standards in the USA. The caps will be available online from indcsn and Dertbag, priced at £30/$45. On sale Friday October 14th from 4pm EST (9pm UK time).

When you start to spot numerous other streetwear brands attempting to do tie-dye, remember who one of the innovators of tie-dye into streetwear was.

Available at the Dertbag Online Store and indcsn Online Store at 4 PM EST // 1 PM PST.

1 comment
  1. kyle said:

    hey man, is there anywhere to buy these online still?

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