Originallity Kills Covers: Frankenstein

Mikey: What’s good Frankenstein, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and doing this interview with us. We really appreciate this.

Frankenstein: Thank you man I appreciate your interest in me as an artist, it’s always a pleasure and an honor.

Mikey: Having said that, how are you doing?

Frankenstein: I’m good man just shooting the shit getting another few releases together for October.

Mikey: That’s good to hear, we are glad that you are smooth sailing! Before we begin tossing questions at you, can you please give our viewers a small piece of background information about yourself as well as your craft?

Frankenstein: Well my real name is Shakir Givens, I’m now 18 from south central LA and I was introduced to music from my father who was in a group called Jurassic 5. Most people know me as snubnose Frankenstein 1/4 of lousy human bastards and the baby with the parental advisory tag over his mouth that has been all over tumblr as of lately, but for the main part I just be rhyming and shit.

Mikey: How long have you been rapping, and does being from South Central influence your music?

Frankenstein: I’ve been rhyming since I was like 6 but I sucked up until 9th grade, and absolutely man its where I grew up at and what I grew up on so the west coast is apart of me.

Mikey: I can definitely feel the west coast influence just from the beats you chose to rap over on “Rappin Ass N*gga”. Also you mentioned Lousy Human Bastards earlier, what is that and how did it come about?

Frankenstein: Lousy human bastards consists of me, Mitch gone mad, Stfu Seawright and the stage name-less Jabbar Walker and mainly our common interest in lyrical balance and awareness, Bathing Ape, punching women and an obsession with Rick Ross. They mean well lol.

Mikey: Hahah that’s cold Frank, I’m looking forward to hearing more from LHB. Can we expect anything from the group soon?

Frankenstein: We have #freeboosiethemixtape coming mid October and its theatrical, all original production from me mane.

Mikey: I’m glad to hear that, this will be a group tape? And, have you set any goals music wise to conquer throughout 2012? If so, what are they?

Frankenstein: Indeed, I want to get signed to MMG and i want a baby panther and a basketball, and I want Zoey Deschanel, that’s it.

Mikey: Haha don’t we all want Zoey Deschannel, anyways thank you for your time, and thoughts. I really appreciated doing this interview with you, we wish you the best, and we look forward to having you stop by for a part two. Here’s the part that everyone likes… Shoutouts!

Frankenstein: I appreciate it as well man shoutout to yall first and shoutout to future and shoutout to my nigga @TRAPMONEYPERM

You can follow Frankenstein on twitter @SNUBDOGG and download his mixtape HERE


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