Apple: Unlocked iPhone 4

“Apple is now offering unlocked iPhone 4s for purchase at its online store in all of the model’s incarnations—black, white, 16GB, 32GB.

The price tag is a bit steep—starting at $649 and $749 for more storage—but the freedom of not having to sign away a fresh two years to Verizon or AT&T is definitely welcome. Though there is the other minor hang-up: the unlocked phone will only work with a GSM carrier. For the record, AT&T and T-Mobile are the only major GSM carriers in America—smaller ones include TracFone Wireless—but outside of the States, many carriers are GSM-based. Therefore, you can use your unlocked iPhone around the world without running up your AT&T bill, simply by slotting in new MicroSIM cards for every country or region.”

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