The Weeknd: Rescue Me, Do It, Material Girl, Love Through Her, Appointment, & Birthday Suit (Unreleased Songs)

After gaining favorable reviews for their nine track album House Of Balloons and announcing two more mixtapes for this year, it’s no doubt that The Weeknd (Abel Tesfay) will be a household name this summer as he continues to put out phenomenal music. This time around we find four unreleased tracks and one Drake demo by the one man band. While they don’t have the eerie yet smooth hybrid most notable in their first debut, all these tracks are still nothing short of great. These tracks were made during Abel’s membership in a production group under the alias The Noise. Contrary to popular belief though, these tracks were also uploaded by the members of the KanyeToThe forum, not Complex.

Below is a download for all of the tracks in the Soundcloud player plus an extra track entitled “X-Ray (Snippet)”, all in one zip file called We Are The Noise. Enjoy!

UPDATE (May 25th): Below you can download the 7 unreleased tracks by The Weeknd, all in one file titled The Noise EP, which includes the full version of “Appointment” as well.

1. Birthday Suit (Drake Demo)
2. Love Through Her
3. Material Girl
4. Rescue Me
5. X-Ray (Snippet)
6. Do It
7. Appointment

DOWNLOAD The Weeknd: The Noise EP

  1. Kyle said:

    Can I get a re-up? My version of appointment is a snippet, as is my version of X-Ray 😦

    • We just re-upped with the full version of “Appointment” included. As for “X-Ray”, there’s only a snippet available for that track.

  2. Kyle said:

    Thanks a lot, this is great. Did you make this custom art too?

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