Originallity Kills Covers: Kobi of Brand With No Name

Nick: Whaddup Kobi? Introduce yourselves to the readers of Originallity Kills and tell them who are you, what you’re about, and why they should be watching you.

Kobi: What’s up dude, but what’s up y’all. I’m Jakobi McLemore, 17 I reside in New Jersey and I own thebrandwithnoname. I stand for individuality and we are all equal, and if you follow my brand, you would see most of what I have to say through the threads

Nick: Good way to start off… Now you probably get this question a lot but why did you name your brand The Brand With No Name?

Kobi: I def do lol, but about a year ago I finally wanted to do something with my life, so I told my sister I’m just gonna start a clothing brand, fuck it. She replied what’s the name going to be? I was confused as fuck, I didn’t even hesitate and said I don’t want it to have a name. So ironically I called it The Brand With No Name, but it has a deeper meaning than it seems.

Nick: Explain that deeper meaning to our readers. Surprisingly, a lot of them appreciate substance.

Kobi: Without a doubt. But I always believed in substance. Everything that occurs on this earth has a meaning. But thebrandwithnoname for short tbwnn stands for a man does not need to make a name for himself to become someone in America specifically. Like most of us strive to become successful, make money, grow old and die. And making money being the main goal. No matter if you save 1000 lives, you saved 1000 lives to put food on your table. But tbwnn wants to show you you can become somebody and living out all of your dreams, no stress. No nothing

Nick: I agree. When was the first time you produced an article of clothing? How far have you came along since then?

Kobi: It was almost a year ago from today, it was the all seeing prymid that said “deliver us from evil within the eye of the beholder” I wanted to start off with a bang and a powerful statement and I got a lot of buzz lol. But I have grown a lot since then. Studying more. Opening my mind to more things. And no more iron on designs hahaha, only screen printed tees.

Nick: So with that said, what would you classify your brand as? Genre-wise

Kobi: I have no idea, but I like to think of it as a mix between a b-grade blackscale mixed with huf mixed with it’s own type of monster type shit lol if you can catch my drift

Nick: Yessir… Now aside from clothing, what other ventures are you exploring with TBWNN?

Kobi: I’ve been getting into film, I did a video for my brother Asa Davis called Sherb Flerb. But most of all ive started NoNameMusicCo with my pops, and signed all of my brother and favorite artist just from all of our passions for music

Nick: Are there any future projects we should be expecting from No Name Music Co?

Kobi: Yes “The Genesis” from OZ should be coming out mid summer as well as “Fake IDs from OZ and Asa. Chris Alis new Project/Projects should be out around the same time. More videos and Asa is working on his second album

Nick: Are they all hip hop projects?

Kobi: Yes they are. And our producer “Brains” is working on a beat tape for you guys, so we have a busy summer ahead of us

Nick: Besides No Name Music Co, which upcoming and major music acts are you feeling at the moment? Has there been a project thus far this year that you would consider phenomenal?

Kobi: Other than noname and Nicky Ds no one really. Well actually I’ve started to listening to Jcole recently and I really like his music. He’s a genius. And Gayboy Andre’

Nick: Andre as in Lace FM correct? Haha. Well thank you for that support. Back to the clothing aspect, what can we expect from TBWNN as far as future seasons, events, & promotion goes?

Kobi: Lol yeah man, gotta support him. But when I get my paper up expect some light coats, oxfords and more tees, and photo tees. They will come unexpected so be aware. There will be events for both nonamemusicco and tbwnn all summer so lookout, and I’m still looking forward to that Okills x TBWNN pocket tee for this summer. For the future I’m just going to try to progress and study what’s needed to spread the knowledge.

Nick: OKills x TBWNN sounds cra-z… Not crazy, but CRA-Z! How does it feel to be only 17 but have legitimate fans that want to buy your clothing?

Kobi: Lol yeah me and Shamar have been talking about it for about 4 months. But it’s great dude. Like I’ll have kids from Canada, and France and all over the UK giving support and asking for shipping costs. Which really makes me happy because tbwnn has not even got close to it’s peak potential. And there’s no more questions to what I want to do with my life because it’s already done.

Nick: Sounds great. Any shout outs you would like to give?

Kobi: A lot lol. Shit first of of all my mom and my dad for respecting my thoughts. Wussup Asa Davis, oz, Chris Ali, Kevin. Okills shamar, Dave, Nick, Phil, CODY, Mike Andre, Mike Agboola, Tyler, the BLOOP team, Jesus, Rkelly, my sister even though I hate her, I dont know it’s too many people but that’s to all the people I listed for your support, and everything you’ve done for me. I love y’all man

Nick: Thank you for participating in this interview. Hit the people with a quote to leave with.

Kobi: A man is not a man until he faces his fears, idk what this means but I just thought of it. Thanks for this interview Nick and my Rkelly bless you all

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