Originallity Kills Covers: Lace FM of WashPahpin.com

Nick: Whats poppin Dre? Thank you for participating in this interview today. How are things over at Wash Pahpin?

Lace FM: Just been doing some interviews here and there. Getting ready to put a skate part I filmed on the site soon. It’s a solo operation so I take my time with things.

Nick: Word word that’s great to hear. So tell our readers a bit of yourself, and ultimately Wash Pahpin. What is Wash Pahpin?

Lace FM: Pahpin is Whats Poppin but saying it with no teeth. It started in Staten as a phrase used by some of my friends. I made it into a website after I stopped selling skateboards to showcase things that are “pahpin”.

Nick: That’s ill… What’s “pahpin” to you? What type of things are you most interested in showcasing to the world?

Lace FM: Anyone who is doing what they love. I want to show people good design and show them the difference between flash and necessity. I don’t think enough people know it. Lots of people buy things for the looks rather the function.

Nick: Did you used to skateboard frequently? What about it drew you in?

Lace FM: I still skate as much as I can I love it. Fuck walking. There is nothing like pushing through NYC traffic on a nice day or landing a trick you’ve been trying forever. I was drawn into skating after I stopped playing football and broke up with some bitch in high school. I started skating and it changed my life. Most of my good friends and business ventures came from skating.

Nick: I feel you on that… Now what’s your intentions with this Lace FM project? Let our readers know how that came about

Lace FM: It started when I was in some random party in Philly. A band was playing and after their set my producer Dave Cerminara dropped his guitar and put on some of his beats. After a while I got the balls to ask to freestyle over them and when I did, it was magic. I always freestyled but never for a crowd. People got so hyped about it and at that moment I knew I should start taking music semi seriously. So me and Dave are working on an EP called Chiaroscuro.

Nick: Where does that title come from? Is there a specific concept the people should know about?

Lace FM: Yeah. The term Chiaroscuro is used in art to show strong contrasts between light and dark, to give a sense of depth. So on this EP I discuss the “Dark” and “Light” sides of me. Hopefully people will listen but I’m not counting out. I’m modest about the whole thing. I will be hyped about each and every single listen.

Nick: Dope dope… Is there any future projects you have planned besides that? Regardless of if it’s music or another type of media.

Lace FM: Ahhh yeah. I should be making some Wash Pahpin Snapbacks soon and I’m starting a design web shop. I’m going to be selling iPad stands, lamps, etc. things like that.

Nick: When did you start doing all of this? How much progress do you feel you have made?

Lace FM: Ah I started when I was 16 and thus far I am pretty happy on where I have taken things so far. I’m at the point where everything is either setting to blow up or fail. Hopefully it works out in the end and I can still enjoy whatever it is that I am doing.

Nick: Dope… Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Lace FM: Hopefully working for an Industrial Design firm if I’m not running my own. I would love to work for Apple but you need serious skills for that. I want to be back in New York with a nice place for myself with my friends and family.

Nick: What continues to inspire you?

Lace FM: The idea of finding true peace and happiness. Being able to go where I want to and live life. Seeing the world before I die and burn to black. The kind of peace you had when you were a kid.

Nick: That really hit home for me right there. I think we all strive for that. Who are some of your favorite artists, brands, collectives, etc. doing things right now? Whose movement are you vibing with right now b?

Lace FM: I love The Black Keys, Pentagram, and whole bunch of rock. Hip Hop wise some of my favorites are Edan, MF DOOM, Nas, and Big L. Clothing wise, I’m loving what Dertbag, MRWILSON, The Brand With No Name, & Upper Playground are doing. Uniqlo always keeps dope stuff in stock. That’s my go to place for sure. Everything OF is doing.

Nick: Awesome… Before we wrap this interview up, do you have any shout outs to give?

Lace FM: Yes, everyone over at OGKILLS (thanks for talking to me). Maria, Kenny T, Dave of Legs Like Tree Trunks, Leo, Phil, Kobi, Snapps, Jordan, John Kim, Bau Bau and my Clrk bros. If I didn’t name you, I still love you anyway haha

Nick: Fair enough, give the people a quote to leave with

Lace FM: Born silent and naive. Grown quick and cold. But in death, no matter what we have done, we are all food for worms.

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