Originallity Kills Covers: Merv Lindsay

Nick: First off, let our readers at Originallity Kills know exactly who you are, where you reside, and what you’re about.

Merv: I’m Merv Lindsay from Moreno Valley, CA & I’m just trying to fulfill my dream of being in the NBA. I’m all about success in everything.

Nick: How was your last season? Did it go how you expected?

Merv: Well we finally captured the first league title since 2005 so it went pretty well. In the playoffs, I wish it could’ve ended a lot better than it did, but it is what it is.

Nick: That’s a good mindset to have. Recently, you declared where you’re going to college. Tell our readers that news.

Merv: This is true! I decided to attend Texas Tech University in the Fall of 2011 on full athletic scholarship, and I could not be happier with the decision I made! I am a Red Raider!

Nick: Congratulations Merv. I know all of that hard work throughout high school has paid off. What were the deciding factors that ultimately influenced you to go there?

Merv: It certainly has, I must say! In the end, it was Coach Gillispie and the traidition of winning that he has. It is also a great fit for me seeing as how that Tech graduated a handful of seniors so if I work hard, early playing time should come.

Nick: Any shout outs?

Merv: Most definitely my lord and savior Jesus Christ because without him, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. My parents & my friends.

Note to reader: This interview was conducted before Mervyn was accepted to Kansas.

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