ATG: Turnt By Nature MIXTAPE

A.T.G. (Against The Grain) is a group of artists thast came together under a common goal. A.T.G. was formed in early 2010 and consists of Pdub, Flames, SK, Skoot, YB, Baby R and Tbizz. The group brings together many different styles of music and has a fan base to match. Each member brings a different style of rap to the group but it all comes together to form an unforgettable sound which hasn’t been heard before. Studying the culture and history of hip hop A.T.G. has taken aspects from various artist across the globe. The street rooted lyrically diverse rap group facet they got from N.W.A., Wu Tang Clan, and Cash Money. The Independent hustle and party mentality from the bay and down south. Add a fresh coast swag to the mixture and you’ve got A.T.G. the next generation of Keep Up Boys.

If you like driving around turnt up with the homies and some pretty girls, this is the perfect mixtape to have in rotation while doing so.


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  1. yo shit shit slaps KEEP POSTIN ATG WHERE ARE THEY FROM?

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