TheBrandWithNoName: “Save Us” Tee

After taking a hiatus from producing any new clothing, thebrandwithnoname is back with their first release since early last year. This one being a shirt entitled “Save Us”. Jakobi, the spearhead of the unnamed brand, explains to us the meaning of the first tee from his Spring/Summer ’11 collection:

The line “God can’t save us” is going to eventually be centered and placed on a t-shirt. The meaning of the powerful short line is a bit more complex than just taking a glimpse at it.

When most people see the line, or this picture, right off the top they conclude that thebrandwithnoname supports Atheism or is trying to oppose against a certain God. No. “God can’t save us” means a few things actually.

People depend on their savior to repent them of all of their sins at the end of the day, when in that day, you have done ten things that go against that God’s morals or rules. It ties in to what we are doing to our earth. we are stuck on destroying the only thing in the world that we can rely on to keep us living, but we are steadily destroying it with the mind set of “No matter whom I harm in my path of destruction, as long as I pray for my sins, I will reach salvation”.

We don’t all go by the same religion, but this is how I saw things growing up, and I just turned 17 years old.

We can’t depend on God for war, murder, rape, drugs, none of which we have created that has destroyed our earth. In time we will see our mistakes when it is too late.

Coming in two different colorways (white and heather grey), two separate garments (t-shirt and pullover hoodie), and two different graphic placements (the wearer’s left chest and center), you can now pre-order the centered t-shirt version in both colorways for $12 at TBWNN online store and get updates on the brand from their Tumblr, Twitter or site.

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