@Ramah5 & @Ejay34: She Threw A Sod(A)er!

Here is the first record from @Ramah5 and @Ejay34 which will be on their BasedEP, BASEDONICS which is set to release sometime before summer rolls around. This project consists of stupid jokes, filthy stinking rhymes, curse words (so make sure your elders aren’t around when you blast this) and a lot of soder! Having said that, enjoy this renovated Based music, and don’t forget to pour soder (A.K.A. soda) on all of your peers, family members, and enemies. Make sure to be on the lookout for the track-list of this extremely rare combination of sodas once it is available at a beverage fountain near you! DOWNLOAD @Ramah5 & @Ejay34: She Threw A Sod(A)er!

P.S. Please be patient as you wait for your download of this record to be completed it may take a couple of seconds, but hey, a couple of laughs is worth it, isn’t it?

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