Colin Sharpie$: ART (A Rare Type) MIXTAPE

My five favorites off of ART.

With all types of art being available in an abundance, more specifically the audio aspect, Colin Sharpie$ decides that it was about time we get a rare type with the release of his latest mixtape ART (A Rare Type). Containing eleven tracks— eight of which have been produced by the man himself— in a nifty little zip folder, which upon opening, will immediately place you in Colin’s masterpiece with “Yell-O”; an introductory track that has Sharpie$ going in over the piano loop found in J. Cole’s “In The Morning”. But the first track’s somber approach does not set the entire mood for the tape though as you can expect mostly raw and upbeat songs throughout. A perfect example of this would be “The Re-Up” where you can hear a crafty flow being used over a bass-heavy instrumental. The eleventh and final song of his audio gallery, “Thank You For Coming”, places the artist coming forth with a strong flow from start to finish, and rightfully so as to leave a lasting impression for his audience as he bids them farewell. In short, ART is a mixtape that you definitely need to add to your collection. Below is some word from Colin.

“First off, I’d like to thank everybody who supports me, God, and uhh, everyone else. I put my soul in these beats. Put my heart in these lyrics. I hope you enjoy every song. I would like to give a very special shoutout to the whole LALR team. The whole click holding it down at OGKills, and my lil’ mamas at Rautten Culture. Follow me @ColinSharpies, and add me on fuckin’ Facebook. Thank you for listening.”
-Colin, The Astronaut.

DOWNLOAD Colin Sharpie$: A.R.T. (A Rare Type) MIXTAPE

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