Stevie Crooks: The W.I.N.E. MIXTAPE

Excuse the title for this post because this isn’t a mixtape, it’s a movie… Inspired by Ian Fleming’s James Bond series, The WINE stands for The World Is Not Enough. Originallity Kills & Stevie Crooks now present to you THE W.I.N.E.

“The World Is Not Enough” is a bold conceptual endeavor that follows Stevie Crooks’ rise from Crooklyn into The world of 007. Showcasing his multiple styles over exceptional James Bond themed production, The W.I.N.E. is epic, classy , adventurous, innovative & creative.

With much anticipation, Stevie Crooks’ follow-up project foregoing his 2010 release, Diamonds&Guns, is finally here. February 18, 2011 marks a day of constant evolution for the young artist. The WINE (The World Is Not Enough) is a continuation off of the James Bond film, Diamonds&Guns. Stevie Crooks places another mask within his hand inspired by Sean Connery and is soon to provide the world with an evolving sound.

DOWNLOAD Stevie Crooks: The W.I.N.E. MIXTAPE

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