Originallity Kills x Los Angeles Life Rehab: Interview with Justin Charles

Recently, Marshall aka Marshoo from LALR & OG Kills very own Nick D’s caught up with upcoming IE photographer to do a photoshoot & interview. Below are photos of Marshall & Nick D’s as they went on about their day to accompany the questions.

Justin Charles – I go by many names, but mainly Justin Charles. I’m sixteen and making moves. I’ve been everywhere in Southern California from the hills of Palos Verdes to Gardena, but now you can find me in Moreno Valley. I’m independent, I don’t represent anybody unless you are doing good and making moves. Other than that, I’m chill, I like meeting new people, especially the ones who want to make a name for themselves!

Marshoo – So before we start this interview is there any shoutouts you would like to give out ?

Justin Charles – I would like to give a shout out to my mom, my family and friends who have been there and supported me since day one. A few friends of mine Michael, Trisha, & Melissa for always being there for me. My cousin’s Kevz and Celine for always being an influence of doing good and giving me the feeling of having an older sibling. Then especially to my cousin JayDeMm for always pushing me to be better and inspiring me every single day. And God for always influencing me to do good and helping me get through the bad and the ugly every single day.

Nick D’s – What influences you to keep doing photography? Is there a specific person that has inspired you?

Justin Charles – I’ve always been into photography. I got my first DSLR in the 8th grade. I guess the thing that influenced me the most was just roaming around JPGMag.com almost everyday in middle school and also wanting to capture that picture that not any other person can.

Marshoo – When did you first get in to photography?

Justin Charles – 7th grade. Basically when everything started for me.

Nick D’s – Who are your favorite musical artists right now?

Justin Charles -Lupe Fiasco, Joe Clark, U-N-I, Big Sean, Chris Brown, Dumbfoundead, Miguel, and Evidence just to name a few.

Marshoo – How old were you when you got your first legitimate camera?

Justin Charles – 13 years old was when I got my first camera, a Nikon D40. From that point on, everything was history!

Nick D’s – How much experience do you have? Do you prefer shooting people or scenery? Do you do video work as well?

Justin Charles – I wouldn’t say I have experience, I would say I have the feel and the eye for that great picture that everyone wants to see. I’m up for everything, and I currently do not shoot video. Maybe in the summer of this year I will start shooting videos once I have everything settled.

Marshoo – Since you’re a sophomore in high school and you don’t have a career path, if you don’t pursue photography, what are your plans for the future?

Justin Charles – I’m actually not trying to do photography as a job, its just a hobby that I’m really into. I’m planning to be a businessman. From owning a boutique, to restaurants, and to anything the future holds for me

Nick D’s – Aside from photography, what are you interested in? Let our readers know a more personal side of you.

Justin Charles – I’ve always been interested in money and fashion. Always at a young age I wanted to have the fresh new pair of shoes or I wanted that new shirt from Supreme. But as a young kid in the 5th grade, my mother was not going to buy me anything expensive. So thats kind of where I get my hustle from, making my own money to buy my own clothes and shoes to show everyone on the playground that I was not just anybody.

Marshoo- If people want to work with you, where can they contact you at?

Justin Charles – If you trying to make moves and create a name for yourself, we are on the same page. So contact me on my twitter at Twitter.com/JustinxCharles or shoot me an email at Pnoywarning@yahoo.com

Nick D’s – What do you like the most about Originallity Kills & Los Angeles Life Rehab?”

Justin Charles – I like the fact that both of the sites give a chance to the new and upcoming people trying to reach their dreams. Also that you can get everything thats new from both sites. Its not just a site with only fashion, or only music, O Kills and LALR have everything for the person thats searching for the new fresh shit.

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