J.R Cruise: Mia White (Prod. by Ashton McCreight)

Here is the first single of J.R Cruise’s career, and I must say, after listening to this record, it seems as if, he has been in the game for a while, due to his smooth and unique delivery. While using his unique word-schemes and word-play to tell a story about being ignored by a shorty named Mia White, in which he spotted on Facebook after remembering that he had spoken to her briefly one day and said “Hello” to her, after having his friend request accepted by her, and seeing how many dudes she had on her tail, he took a shot at trying to get at her via Facebook Chat, but, unfortunately, she ignored him because he wasn’t tall, light-skinned, and didn’t have any tattoos. To tell you the truth, something like this happened to me as well, which is why I vibed with this song so much, because I can actually relate to it. Having said that, I’m 100% sure that you will enjoy this record, and be able to relate to it in someway, shape or form. Hats off to J.R Cruise, Ashton McCreight, and Derrick over at Sublime Supremacy!

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