Maybach-Ra!: Recap #1

Here is my first weekly recap, I will be doing one of these every week, on Sunday’s. This is basically something to tell you all what I have been getting into the past six days, what music I’ve been vibing to, and how I feel about the recent NBA and NCAA Men’s basketball games.

Truthfully, I haven’t been doing anything overly excited, due to the fact that my Christmas Break ended this past week, I really wasn’t interested in getting back to my studies, but it was good to see all my broski’s, and set out to get my GPA up to a 3.5, at least.

Music wise, I’ve still been vibing to The Marathon mixtape, that the West-Coast native, Nipsey Hussle released a few days before Christmas and the Limosa Nostra Part 2 mixtape by Rich Hil that was dropped earlier this week. These two tapes, have been both my motivation and inspiration to improve my work ethic with everything from school, Originallity Kills, and basketball wise! If you haven’t downloaded those two tapes, I highly advise you to do so.

Basketball wise, my favorite NCAA team, Duke is still ranked #1 in which, I am still extremely happy about. I am actually currently watching them take on Maryland on Fox, and as you may have guessed, of course, Duke is in the lead. Personally, basketball is going good, I am still getting used to playing with my teammates since this is our first year together, I’m still not a great shooter, so I’m working on that, it is coming together quite well, and so is my toughness as I attack the hole. My goal for 2012 is for my teammates and myself to earn our school a CIF championship, which is going to take a huge amount of hard work and dedication from all of us throughout the summer and both of our forthcoming seasons. Having said that, I am extremely excited to see where we will be next year, and the year after.

I hope you enjoyed this small recap, I look forward to letting you all in on what I’ve been doing through-out the week this upcoming Sunday!

Peace, much love, and blessings!

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