Lockcity: Purple Palm Trees MIXTAPE

The long awaited mixtape entitled Purple Palm Trees has finally arrived this holiday season. Fully produced by KReam Team, vacation sounds blend with stunning vocabulary and lush scenery as Lockity creates imagery with each verse.

Long time Upper-Left coast MC “Lockcity” aka. Leon Swanks has just finished and released his second solo project in just under a year.

Lockcity aka Leon Swanks sets the scene with an extensive introduction track. Although LeonSwanks himself refers to the project as a mix-tape; the final product is much more parallel with an album. The entire tape effort is choreographed sound splash from the youthful, talented, budding super-producer KhrisP Kream (one half of the production crew Kream Team).

Right from the beginning Leon and Khris give you sounds of the ocean and playful drums to prepare you for 60 min resort to the “Palms”. A majority of the tracklist keeps a lively, party appropriate bounce, coupled wit Leon’s monotone rap style and easy rolling cadence construction – great times. The verses themselves seem effortless in cahoots with the custom production, but they remain layered and complex if you listen closely.

There is an undeniable feel of curating and development resulting in a cohesive sound. There is a heavy motif – embodying luxury and craftsmanship. Definitely one to take on the road trip/vacation.

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