Originallity Kills: Covers Phil Post

Originallity Kills: Covers Philip Post

Originallity Kills: Covers Philip Post

Ra Bvch: What’s happening, Phil? Thank you for participating in this interview. I appreciate it a lot!

Phil Post: Big ups to you for giving me this opportunity, I really appreciate it. I really like how you give anybody a chance who is doing something to get heard.

Ra Bvch: Before we start tossing questions at you, can you give the viewers a small bit of background information about yourself and your niche?

Phil Post: I’m Philip, I’m 15 years old. I have a clothing line and I ship shirts all over the world and my swag is astronomical. That’s my opening line for girls and they love it, but back to the point. I run a clothing line called Dertbag which started in 2007 and I try to keep it fucking gutter every day. There is no message behind the company per se but I like to make hamtastic clothes for hamtastic people, and at the end of the day if someone is happy with what they’re wearing I’m happy with that. I am the designer, photographer, videographer, editor, and the brains behind Dertbag. I try to make everything visually pleasing.

Ra Bvch: When did you begin to notice that you were interested in photography, videography, and designing?

Phil Post: I’ve been around art my whole life and I’m very grateful for that. My mom was a writer for television, my dad is a painter, one of my sisters has a dramatic writing degree from NYU and the other is studying fashion at SCAD so it was only right that I fell into some category. But to answer the question when I was in 6th grade I picked up my first camera. It was a Hi-8 camera and it was full of swag. 7th grade my family got a mac which turned into me using it every second of the day. Started to mess around with Photoshop and Final Cut and I basically just taught myself how to use those programs. It wasn’t till recently till I saw myself being an overall dope artist.

Ra Bvch: What would you say inspired you to pursue visual arts as well as a designing?

Phil Post: I mean I tried to skateboard, but I realized I wasn’t good so I thought, “How else can I be around my friends but not skate as hard as they do?”. So I picked up a camera and started a “company”. I made a few shirts and sponsored my friends and it went from there. I started to make edits immediately and just kept constantly improving my style.

Ra Bvch: What encouraged you to create Dertbag and what is the message that your brand pushes out to its followers?

Phil Post: I mean Levi Maestro said it best, “Go get it, no one is in your way”. So that is what I did. I made a clothing line because I had ideas and wanted people to see them. I feel that there are too many shirt companies out that are just generic shirt companies with messages that are identical. For me, I just like to say that I make clothes that I think are appealing to me; you can either like it and buy it and support me or you can pass on it and I’ll just give one of my boys a shirt it’s no biggie. I’m not trying to change the world with one of my shirts. I am just trying to make clothes that I like. If there was a main message behind the brand it would be that everyone in a sense is a dirtbag and with the company I want to embrace the things that others won’t.

Ra Bvch: Would you say that you are satisfied with the amount of success that Dertbag has conquered since it has been up and running?

Phil Post: I started the company in 2007 and by late 2008 I was shipping shirts out to Cali and Australia which I think is pretty cool. I get props from all of my teachers and my friends’ parents so that’s cool. It can only progress from here and I’m super excited for the future. So to answer your question I’m more than satisfied. My whole family supports me and my friends are constantly supporting me. I’ve also networked with a bunch of cool people: Tyler, the Creator cosigned on it, Ryan over at http://ripndipclothing.com/ cosigned, Jordan at http://mrwilsonco.com/site is a good friend, Jacques and Hanny at http://www.easterislandesign.com/ have been supporting and helping me out since day 1, Kobi at http://www.thebrandwithnoname.net/ supports me, and all of the supporters have been motivating me to keep striving to be better. Quoting aNYthing “Don’t be bitter, be better”.

Ra Bvch: When you drop your next collection from Dertbag, we will be sure to post it here on Originallity Kills! Speaking of Originallity Kills, are you a follower of OKills? If so, how did you find out about it?

Phil Post: The next collection is going to be bonkers! I’m going to mix the aesthetic of CT’s roots with some guttery designs, so it will be like a big paradox which I personally think it’s ill making something unexpected. As of recently I am, Kobi (http://www.thebrandwithnoname.net/) showed me Originality Kills and ever since that day I’ve been checking in every morning and evening to peep some new ish. It’s refreshing to see us kids doing something so ill, so major props.

Ra Bvch: We appreciate that a lot, family, we really do. The feelings mutual, we support Dertbag to the fullest!

Phil Post: No doubt, I truly do appreciate that.

Ra Bvch: As we all know, New Years day is right around the corner, have you set any goals for yourself or for Dertbag that you would look forword to accomplishing before 2012 rolls around? If so, would you mind telling us what they are?

Phil Post: I’m just going to expand that’s really the main goal. This past year has been dope: my fan base grew, the amount of clothes I have ordered grew, my style is being molded into something dope, and a lot more people are starting to notice which I think is really cool. All I can really reveal is that this spring line is going to be bonkers two hats, three shirts… I might be releasing a FREE EARL shirt, which you can peep on our blog. But definitely keep your eyes peeled for this new line, it will break necks.

Ra Bvch: Thank you for stopping by Originallity Kills, we appreiate it a lot. Keep up the hardwork, and success we’ll have no choice but to roll with you! OKills x Dertbag. Bless Up!


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