Originallity Kills: Casey Veggies; Sleeping In Class Review

1. Forever (prod. By Beats4Clothes)
This record serves as the intro for the project, this track consists of a beat produced by the notorious Beats4Clothes, in which Casey goes in over speaking on past relationships that he has been in, how his mojo has changed as he has been maturing since he first started rappping, and last but not least, how he is staying focused to turn his dream into a reality.

2. Ridin’ Roun’ Town (prod. By Brandun Deshay)
This record is produced by Brandun Deshay so you should have already known to be blown away by the numerous amount of chords, and kicks that is known for tossing into his beats. In this record, Veggies speaks on how his cash flow and mojo has improved since he started gaining more buzz around the country, how he has been doing shows around the U.S, and last but not least, how he influences kids with both, his behavior and his steelo. Be sure to look out for a video for this record to be dropping very soon, word to Casey the visuals have already been filmed, edited, and are ready to be dropped!

3. Hear Me Screamin’ (prod. By Brandun Deshay)
This is the second and last record produced by B. Deshay on this project, and just like the first one, this is a smooth banger as well. In this record, Casey speaks on a relationship that he had with a young lady that he could not let go of no matter what she did to him, how he has struggled and benefited from living in Inglewood, California, and how his grandmother has inspired him to work hard and never give up even though she isn’t physically no longer present, but he still communicates with her mentally.

4. Get Through feat. Dom Kennedy (Prod. By THC)
This is the first record that I have ever heard that was produced by THC and I must say that I am impressed with the amount of different instruments, kicks, and hi-hats that he can use at one time. This record features Dom Kennedy in which both he and Casey spit about their wardrobe, and steelo, this is the most flashy record on the project, but it isn’t overwhelming.

5. 30,000 feat. Nero (prod. By Woody)
You may remember Woody from a few records of his that we have posted here on Originallity Kills a couple of months ago and noticed that he is incredibly talented as both a producer and an artist. Having said that, this beat can get anyone at any type of event up and cooking like master chef. This record reminds me of a Soulja Boy and Lil B but with some LA swag twisted into it. This is the closest to a party song that this project consists of.

6. Loved Then Alone (Prod. By Outbreak)
Once again, here is another smooth addition to the project, this record is produced by Outbreak, and I must say, this is a classic. On this record, CV speaks on how he has came to realize how fake people around him can act, how he is in his zone and isn’t concerned about anything that is negative, how people are sleeping on his music, and last but not least, how he has been loved and then left alone.

7. Go Ahead feat. Mann (prod. By J Poundz)
This record is a bit similar to 30,000, which means that it is the perfect record to play as you get ready to hit up the club or a party, and you want to make sure that your swag is perfect so that you can flex up on everyone with your crew. This record should be played at every kickback across the world!

8. Time Flies feat. Skye Townsend (prod. By L.A.U.S.D)
Being produced by L.A.U.S.D you should have already known that this record is going to be the smoothest on the tape, L.A.U.S.D has perfected the New West Coast sound meaning that it is less rugged and more of a jazz-hop sound. In this record, Casey speaks on how fast time flies no matter if you are living good or bad, how women change after they see that you are conquering success, and last but not least, how his pride has been the reason that some of his relationships have deteriorated. Having said that, adding Skye Townsend to this record make it even more of a classic, her voice is one-of-a-kind!

9. Searching (prod. By IMPRM)
This is the first record that I have heard produced by the good folks over at IMPRM, and it is absolutely incredible, the various items used in this beat will make your eardrums smile with joy! This record is Casey’s hello to all of his haters, he speaks on how his haters have doubted him and how he managed to overcome it even though it did take its toll on him at various times.

10. DTA feat. Tyler, the Creator (prod. By Wolf Haley)
This record is produced by the notorious Wolf Haley so you should have already known that your eardrums were going to be having an orgasm from the masterpieces that he is known to create. In this record, Casey speaks on being able to do his job without handouts, passing out hard copies of Customized Greatly Vol. 2 out of his backpack when he was in 11th grade, taking a trip to visit his family down in the South, and being on his grind relentlessly.

11. Euphoria ll (prod. By Uncle Dave)
Being produced by Uncle Dave this record consists of not only smooth instruments, kicks, and claps, but also of some type of feminine whistling sound which is very soothing and relaxing. In this record CV speaks on being down to earth and not bragging or boasting about the success that he has already conquered, having struggles in a few classes at school, being high off of life’s natural qualities, and being on top of his game at all times.

12. And Ever (prod. By Ty Cody)
This record is the smoothest on the project production wise, falling second to Time Flies consisting of a similar sound which is smoothness. This is my all-time favorite record on this project because I feel as if you actually get to know CV in this track, because he spits about his over-all experiences in life from everything such as being young and ambitious, being able to actually do shows and not just sit in his room and rap his lyrics, how his quality of music has improved from his debut mixtape, how he is a shining star, and his visions for the future. Lastly, he gives his listeners some incredible words of wisdom which are “At the end of the day, no matter how you put it, life is but a dream, dream as big as you can, sometimes you may lose focus on the things that are most important in the perfect world, but always remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Never let them see you sweat, never let them tell you, you can’t (do anything), never doubt, and never lose a purpose, never lose a grind. Peace & much Love to you.” – Casey Veggies

Overall, this project deserves a 10 out of 10, this is music at it’s finest, it does not get any better than this. And, that’s a promise. If you haven’t already, be sure to download Sleeping In Class right

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