Do You Not Them: Gallery & Flagship Store

NO, this isn’t a April Fools Joke in the middle of Dec. it’s true! We have a shop now, if you watch the doc it will all make sense why we decided to make it our best kept secret. Come through anytime during store ours and cop a piece or two. If not just come hang out with us, make a vid with us, chill on the Red Couch, or come skate our bench!

DYNT Gallery
211 W. Emporia St. Unit #203
Ontario, CA 91762

The great folks over at Do You Not Them a.k.a DYNT have finally opened the doors to their heavily anticipated gallery/flagship store! This shop consists of a lot of photography taken by the DYNT and HWPO team, retro sneakers, inspiring art, and last but not least, the latest releases from DonUt Clothing. What makes this shop even more outstanding, is that it still isn’t 100% complete, so stay tuned and prepare to be blown away by the final cut of this one-of-a-kind project! If you are ever in the Ontario area, we highly recommend you to stop by the shop, to embrace to great photos and sneakers, get to know the DYNT team, and last but not least, get your hands on some heavily loved Do You Not Them threads!

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