Originallity Kills: Covers Jason Steeve

Originallity Kills: Covers Jason Steeve

Originallity Kills: Covers Jason Steeve

Ra Blea$ou: What’s happening Jason Steeve? Thank you for participating in this interview, I appreciate it a lot. Before I start tossing the questions at you, can you please give the viewers a small piece of information about yourself and your occupation?

Jason Steeve: Currently I am 18, no kids, no tattoos, no piercings; main thing, no chain attached though. Injured Goods, Odd Future, SomeWhere Else, Frank 151, 424 On Fairfax is what i affiliate with.

Ra Blea$ou: How old were you when you began to like photography and blogging?

Jason Steeve: Photography has always been G as fuck. My grandad, dad, and mom at one point did it and blogging was something my homie Johno put me on. He’s still my favorite blogger out here but he just doesn’t blog. But uhh…in my eyes I’m not a “photographer” but I guess you can call me a blogger.

Ra Blea$ou: What grabbed your attention and made you interested in photography and blogging?

Jason Steeve: Photography I just got this big ass box of camera shit for free one day a gang of film so I just tried it.

Ra Blea$ou: At what age were you when you realized taking photos and blogging was a passion that you had, and that you wanted to pursue for a career?

Jason Steeve: This is all honestly a hobby to me. I’m actually going to school for finance but if i can get some pussy and some money out of it to do some some ignorant shit I wouldn’t mind it being a career.

Ra Blea$ou: Your site Injured Goods has been known to be one of the smoothest blogs out right now, how do you feel about the progress that you have conquered with Injured Goods?

Jason Steeve: Well I procrastinate a lot and have been getting kind of bored with what I already have going on but I have a bunch of new material I am sitting on waiting to drop. Just waiting my turn. But its cool for now I’m only 18 I have mad time.

Ra Blea$ou: Your photography is starting to become heavily loved due to some photos that you have snapped at numerous events such as the T.I.$.A party at Fred Segal, a party at CSUN, Rock The Bells 2010 and many more. How do you feel about the progress that you are grabbing with your photos?

Jason Steeve: I mean I tend to just post shit that I like. If people like what I like then that’s cool but I have a lot of growing to do.

Ra Blea$ou: You have also been seen in a couple of videos with Odd Future, how did you connect with them and what is your affiliation with them?

Jason Steeve's cameo in Tyler The Creator's "French!" music video

Jason Steeve: Them my muthafuckin’ dogs. That’s my affiliation.

Ra Blea$ou: A couple months back Injured Goods released some very smooth tees, is there any chance that those tees will be making a return?

Jason Steeve: Not that design or any design on it. Those were more of promos needed a slighlty bigger audience so it helped. New shit is going to be some smooth shit my team and I will make sure of it.

Ra Blea$ou: If so, when they do release we will be sure to slap the good news here on Originallity Kills. Speaking of Originallity Kills, are you a supporter of OKills? If so, how did you find out about it and what do you like most about it?

Jason Steeve: I fuck with you guys, the little homie Ace has been fucking with IG for a minute and I actually watched it grow from a blogspot to a pretty dope ass site. You guys are as young as I am, on the same shit.

Ra Blea$ou: We appreciate that my brother, we mess with Injured Goods and your photography like wise A. Thank you for stopping by OKills Ville, we appreciate your time, I had a great time doing this interview with you. Now here is the part everyone loves…. Shoutouts!

Jason Steeve: www.InjuredGoods.com

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