Originallity Kills Covers: NyCe

A. Ramahs: Whaddup NyCe, thank you for participating in this interview I appreciate it a lot. Before I start tossing the questions at you, can you please give the viewers a small piece of information about yourself and your occupation?

NyCe: What up man? Thanks for takin’ the time out to do this. Well I’m NyCe, pronounced (Knee-Chay). I am one of the original founders of Beats4Clothes and will be the one participating in this interview. Beats4Clothes is now a group of 3 talented, driven, chill, don’t-really-give-a-damn kind of individuals. We Produce/Engineer for a lot of Los Angeles artist. At our early stages of making music in LA we were working with numerous artists and a lot of them were getting’ love from clothing brands such as Rogue Status, Diamond, etc. After we would work and have our sessions we would get compensated with a hoodie, shirt, hat; basically we were doing work for free clothes. So just one day I told my partner Ten-A “We might as well call ourselves Beats4Clothes” because it’s relevant to what we love, and that’s music and fashion. Like seriously, who doesn’t like music and fashion? Doing these recording sessions and getting paid with clothes was something that was very new to us and it taught us a lot in the long run when we finally started seeing some real currency off this music hustle.

A. Ramahs: How old where you when you began to make music? And what drove you to start?

NyCe: I was 17 when I decided to create some shit. I would just listen to a bunch of rap albums. College Dropout, Diplomatic Immunity, The Blueprint, From Me To U, The Reason; I listened to them and really started feeling the samples. Sampling played a big role on why I wanted to make music. I always wondered to myself like “Damn how do they flip records like that to make it sound that way?” so that curiosity was one thing that drove me to start cooking. When I listened to songs, beats were always important to me and, as a consumer in high school listening to this music, I felt I would hear more in the beats than just a person listening to the song. I paid attention to the snares, kicks, strings, and bass. I just always thought the art of building music was crazy.

A. Ramahs: Who were some of your biggest influences while you were growing up?

NyCe: Hmm…some of my personal influences gotta be Michael Jordan ‘cause dammit he’s just that GREAT. Michael Jackson ‘cause he started that pop swag that everyone wants to have so bad. Will Smith, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Biggie, Denzel, Led Zeppelin. I don’t know. Too many to name but anybody who’s a positive role model and makes a good impact in this world is a great influence. Right now though in Hip Hop, Kanye is my biggest influence.

?WHOISIT (Prodiced by Beats4Clothes)

A. Ramahs: How did the 3 of you meet and form into the group that you are now?

NyCe: The story of how me and Dom (Ten-A) met was pretty ironic. I first saw him in an orientation for LA recording school. I sat next to him and the first thing both of us did was gear check each other lol. I seen what he was rockin’ and he seen what I was rockin’ and pretty much we were wearin’ the same kinda shit. As a couple months went by we talked in class and he found out what I did and I found out what he did and the both of us was pretty much interested. Dom never came across someone who works with a MPC like I did since everyone is so MIDI nowadays I strictly stuck to analog style of production. We started making music everyday non-stop and the kinda beats we were knocking out at the time were ridiculous in our opinion. First legit track we did was called “Make Like A Rocket” we added Casey on it and it was a wrap haha. My other partner Gerle (Pronounced Girley, he gon’ hate me for that) was one of my best classmates throughout my whole recording school experience. He stuck with me from beginning to the end, learning the same shit I was learning. I started seeing his dedication on the music and how badly he really wanted to be a good engineer and that drew me to have him be apart of our squad. This guy knows more Pro Tools than I do and he just started (it’s ‘cause he paid more attention in class than I did). Me and Dom were engineering a shitload for our sessions so it was a good idea to add another person to the group who respects us, is a fan of our work and is also a real good friend.

Beats4Clothes (feat. Casey Veggies) – Make Like A Rocket

A. Ramahs: How did you hook up with all of the artists that you guys have collabs with such as Skeme, Casey Veggies, BrandUn Deshay, Tyler The Creator, etc?

NyCe: I met Skeme at recording school in 2008. He started recording with me and Dom non-stop. Like when I say non-stop I really mean it. Skeme is a real hard worker at what he does and he takes his craft very seriously. That’s why we decided to start with him. We dropped Fuck The Radio Vol. I and Vol. II with him and also landed a track on Skeme Of Things 2 tape. He was responsible for introducing us to a lot of good talented people. He brought everyone through the studio to work and meet us. I was always a fan of the kind of hip hop coming out of LA. I found this kid named Casey Veggies. O thought he had mad bars and this was a few years back. Lonnie brought him through the studio and it was go time from there. Casey asked if we can help him put out Customized Greatly Vol. 2 and of course we said yeah. 30,000 downloads later, and the growth of our clientele, it was a decision we would never regret. Casey Veggies introduced us to Tyler. We thought Tyler was one of the illest cats out and I was fortunate to land a track with him. I met The Super 3 and he helped me link up with brandUn DeShay. Out in LA if you really doing something, everybody knows everybody and you’re just bound to get connected sooner or later.

brandUn DeShay, Casey Veggies & Tyler The Creator – Rest Stop Flow (Produced by Beats4Clothes)

A. Ramahs: How do you feel that you have progressed in your quality of music from when
you began up until now?

NyCe: I feel our music has progressed definitely. Listening to the material we did back in ‘06-‘08 there is a huge difference in our sound and that is caused from learning our equipment better and upgrading the set up. Plain and simple. I believe we are progressing with our sound in the best way possible with artist that makes us wanna be better.

A. Ramahs: How do you think the artists that you work with influence your work?

NyCe: If it wasn’t for artist of course, we wouldn’t be shit! Artists play a huge role in our music. There have been plenty of times where we send beats out and don’t get songs back in return. That right there is a sign for me to make better shit. Everyone we have worked with played a big role in our production. Working with Casey is an inspiration in itself. Due to how young he is and how much work he is getting done musically already at his age, inspires us to move along at our own pace and progress. Casey Veggies and Beats4Clothes gotta real good bond in the studio business and personal. He is the best kind of artist to us ‘cause he makes us better as producers and we can make him better as an artist. You can’t beat that. That to me is a definition of a good artist/producer combo. Make each other better for the long run.

A. Ramahs: How have certain times in your life influenced your music?

NyCe: Bro. It’s the trials and tribulations you go through that allow your music to sound the way it does. I promise. Struggling makes your music sound magnificent I can tell you that for sure.

A. Ramahs: How has your fan base enlarged since you first began to create music?

NyCe: I don’t even know how to answer that. I don’t know how much our fan base has enlarged. I know that ever since we dropped Customized Greatly Vol. 2 we stared getting more recognition and folks started looking into us in detail. We got a few more artists got folks to actually start paying us for what we do but overall we still have a lot more fans to achieve. Crazy amounts of more work needs to be done for us to get the slightest bit of recognition out there. But to be honest, I don’t pay attention to who listens to us or not. We’re just in the studio being focused as ever.

A. Ramahs: How do you think your music can affect the world in a positive way?

NyCe: Just being able to be apart of REAL/GOOD music to us is a good way of putting an impact on to this world. In a society now where everything is watered down, so digital, so pre-made, it makes it hard for US real acts to actually be put on the map but as the old saying goes “real recognize real” and soon everyone will be familiar with the music that’s getting put out in this region (Los Angeles).

Casey Veggies – Her Gold Medal (Produced by Beats4Clothes)

A. Ramahs: If you could choose 5 people to collaborate who would it be and why?

NyCe: Kanye ‘cause he’s just been doing HIM and succeeding with it and consistently putting out dope work. Jay-Z cause he is HOV. Andre 3000 ‘cause I believe anything I throw at him. he would just return it back with something insane. Eminem ‘cause I would want my beat to be literally murdered, slayed, and crucified. If I had the chance to collab with Michael Jackson, shit, I don’t even know what to say, so I’m just end it off with that.

A. Ramahs: Are there any projects that we can look forward to hearing your beats on? If so, when will that be?

NyCe: I’m excited for Casey Veggies next project to drop Sleeping In Class you can hear us on the intro to that tape. We just landed two tracks on C-Sans last tape California Wax Museum. C-San gave us an opportunity and he let Dom Kennedy get on one of our beats which was a good accomplishment to me cause Dom is killing shit in LA right now. Gonna land a track on Lavish’s next project and hopefully Overdoz’s as well. I’m gonna be releasing a instrumental tape soon as well as a Beats4Clothes produced project with everyone we work with hopefully by January of 2011.

Skeme – I’m On (Produced by Beats4Clothes)

A. Ramahs: Are you a supporter of OKills? Why and how did you find out about it?

NyCe: Hell yeah I’m a fan of Originality Kills. It’s a good site for folks to get put up on positive music and material aside from all the “Hype” that gets thrown around. I found the link of the site through Twitter. Twitter works in good ways. That’s why I’m here now getting interviewed.


  1. Nyce my nxgga for real… great interview dawg. God bless yall.

  2. Thanks bro. Same goes here.

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