100K Gold Covers: Ramahs “Ace” Asheed

1.Your Name? Ramahs “Ace” Asheed

2.Where are You From, has it influenced you at all? West LA, and yes it has in a huge way! It has influenced me a lot from seeing famous places such as The Coliseum, The Staples Center, Fairfax, Venice Beach and The Science Center have influenced me most! Besides my Grandmother and my Father.

3.What Do you do? I’m a sponsored skateboarder and blogger, that observes his surroundings deeply and spreads positivity through blog posts, music, threads, and twitter!

4.How do you do it? Skateboarding wise, I show people that all skaters aren’t ruthless and rugged as most people portray us to be. Blogging wise, I post musicians, brands, and visual entertainment from up and coming grinders from all around the world to show everyone that no matter how young you are, or what you’ve been through or where you came from, you can accomplish goals that you’ve set, and dreams you wish to conquer! I’m big on observing because if you don’t observe what you do or what you see what is around you, you will simply become out of the loop and it’ll become impossible to progress.

5.Who do you do it with (can be your,”associates,homies,etc”, if any yourself if none)? Usually, I depend on myself, so I can’t blame anyone for anything that goes wrong, besides myself, but the crew I run with is usually Sage, Cody, Nick D’s, Dave Gold, Jakobi, IMPRM, RILA, and Defam Nation! And I can’t forget the people that influence me, my Uncle Joey,Marz Lovejoy, Anwar, Casey, Lavish, Maliceous Skates, Christine, Melanie, Kenya, Daniel Beans, Cody Contra, Crystal, Justin @ IMPRM, and last but never least, Geoffrey.

6.What does your art mean to you and what message would you like to get across to your viewer? To me, attitude is everything, and my grandma has stressed that to me my entire life. So, everything I do, I try my best to do it with a positive attitude. I just want to inspire people through good music, ill threads, and interesting visuals, if I can inspire one person to get off of their couch and go outside and do something positive, whether its simply giving someone in need some food, or creating their own site, brand, etc, to inspire their friends and people they think need some inspiration!

7.Anything special happen in the last year to you(brand etc.)? Yes! these last few months have been amazing! I got a job working with Jvkobi, helping him with his brand, The Brand With No Name. Being 15, I don’t have much to do, besides school, Internet journaling, and skateboarding, and all three of those things are going PERFECT!

8.How do you feel about being where you at your age? Geesh, I feel outstanding, being 15 I feel as if I am very fortunate about everything that has been thrown my way these last couple of months. I have nothing to complain about, nothing at all.

9.Have some of your dreams come true yet? Yes, many have, and their are still many that I have to conquer, I’m just stoked that a few of them have came true, so early! As long as I continue to stay focused, keep progressing and keep working hard, I will accomplish some more goals of mine, when the time is right.

Thannnks for the time, anything else you want to speak upon? Thank you for giving a young grinder a chance, and supporting me and what I do! Thank you to everyone that has every viewed Www.OriginallityKills.Com and everyone I mentioned in this interview! The Brand With No Name will be dropping threads December 16th! Everyone stay safe, positive, and work hard!

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