Dr. Romanelli & Oliver Peoples: Dr. Goodfellow Sculpture

“With the help of London’s newest menswear bastion Hostem, proprietor James Brown and prestigious eyewear brand Oliver Peoples, The Doctor Romanelli brand unveils its newest creation: Dr. Goodfellow.

Darren Romanelli (DRx) is a pioneer of aesthetic innovation, renowned for reviving cultural classics by twisting the familiar into the fresh. He applies a unique signature blending of past and present to each new creation with passion, dedication, commitment and, most importantly, personal connection. His latest project fuses elements of the Victorian era with the fantastic mythological characters from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

“Dr. Goodfellow is inspired by Robin Goodfellow: the mythic sprite known to many story tellers as ‘Puck’. He hides in the shadows, helping and healing, everything from broken bones to bruised souls. He is a playful and unpredictable character, who is as mischievous as he is medicinal,” explains Romanelli. Like all of his projects, Dr. Goodfellow embodies the infectious enthusiasm that conceived it.

With an edition size of just 10 pieces, the statuettes are truly rare collectibles. Exquisite features lend the figurines a sense of detail rarely found in bronze art of this scale, including scissors, stethoscope and a custom jewelry-quality monocle with chain produced by Oliver Peoples.”

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